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IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

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Rugged IP67 Handheld Age Verification ID Scanner with massive 5 inch capacitive touch screen, super fast Honeywell 6603 barcode scanner, picture capture, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, USB or WiFi data export, intuitive color user interface, and on-screen reporting. The IDVisor® Smart PLUS is ideal for bars, night clubs, member clubs or any business checking customer age that requires a mobile ID Checker. It quickly reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 US States, Canada and Military IDs while maintaining a customer relationship management database.


Add-ons / Upgrades

IDVisor Smart Plus - Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

Larger touchscreen. Passport scanning. Smart Plus.

The IDVisor® SmartPlus is ideal for bars, nightclubs, member clubs, any business checking the age of their customers and require an ID Scanning solution. It quickly reads, records and calculates the age from all 50 US States, Canada, and Military IDs while maintaining a customer relationship management database. The IDVisor® SmartPlus is TokenWorks’ a large screen version of the IDVisor Smart Age Verification ID Scanner. The Plus includes a very fast white light 2D barcode scanner which is one of the best we've ever seen. The product sets yet another milestones in price/performance ratio and durability with features such as large intuitive color touch screen display, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, on-screen reporting, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture and advanced database management features. Clients can't believe how fast it scans drivers licenses!!!

Standout Features:

  • Easy to Setup - Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs
  • Reads 2D Bar Codes - Licenses from all 50 states, all Canadian provinces (including Ont. National Health ID) and Military IDs
  • Passports (optional upgrade) Scans Machine Readable Zones (MRZ) on all Passports and National Identity Cards.
  • Easy to Read -  Massive 5" touch screen
  • Fast Operation - About 1 second per scan
  • Simple Operation - Just aim and scan IDs
  • Manual Entry - Enter driver’s license information, increase or decrease visit count, or add a phone number/email address manually
  • Durable - Rated for 5 foot drop on 6 sides to a concrete surface
  • Find My Device - Locate your scanner, erase its data remotely, and see scanner on Google Maps
  • Location Alerts - Add cities, states, or zipcodes to a list that alerts operator when scanned
  • Talking or Audible Warnings - For under age, expired, tagged, re-scanned, birthday events
  • Saves 250,000+ Scans and 100,000+ Customers - Eliminates frequent data downloads
  • Easily Export Data to USB drive as Excel CSV file - No software to install
  • Built-in Security -  PIN code helps protect configuration settings and sensitive data
  • Honeywell Scan Engine - Delivers high performance scanning and handles hard to read barcodes
  • No Fees - No contract set up fees, monthly fees
  • Free Software Updates - Via WiFi
  • Free 800 Technical Phone and Email Support from TokenWorks - We make and support our products
  • Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty - Extended Warranty Available

Advanced Features:

  • Adjustable Scan Counter – Track Total Scans for Attendance/Occupancy
  • Customer Visit counter – Identify New versus Loyal Repeat Customers
  • Date/ Time Stamp - Each transaction is stamped for due diligence and to allow synchronization with video surveillance
  • Auto or manually delete data after custom number of days - Comply with local ordinances
  • On System Reporting– Search, review and update email, phone, tag data on scanner – no PC required
  • Customer Relationship Management - Search, review, and update email, phone, and tag data on scanner - no PC required
  • Five sets of intuitive warning icons with two age warning thresholds for Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, and “Under Age” for Gaming or Marketing
  • Pop Up Warnings - For Re-scanned and Tagged Clients requires interaction – Can’t be overlooked
  • Import VIP/Banned List from PC with just name and optionally ID number

Optional Software Upgrades:

  • Passport Scanning - Verify age by scanning passports
  • IDVisor Sync Networking Software - Share data between all units in real time (Call us to learn more - 800-574-5034)
  • Anti-Passback - Detects shared IDs and duplicate ID scans
  • Tagging - Tag any ID with a custom tag and description (i.e., VIP, banned)
  • Photo Capture - Store 2 pictures per customer record for easy reference

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive responsive 5” capacitive touch screen making it very easy to see even in direct sunlight. We continue to offer intuitive icons for Alcohol and Tobacco plus a speaker provides provide human voice warnings for underage, ID Expired, Birthday, ID Reused, and ID Tagged events. There are also computer generated warning sounds for those who don’t like voice warnings. Both are designed to complement the visual warnings designed to make it virtually impossible for an employee to mistakenly serve a minor. Some business owners really enjoy wishing their clients a happy birthday so we’ve included a short happy birthday song as well as a human voice announcement. Compared to earlier generation products which only displayed the calculated age on a monochrome display, with no visual no audible warnings, it’s like comparing a smartphone to a rotary dial phone. idvisor-smart-user-interface Integrated CRM Features Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and membership management features such as tracking customer visits, capturing additional customer information like email and phone, tags for VIP/Banned and searchable database using simple text queries. Business owners always like to see the number of visits for each customer on the main screen to quickly identify new versus frequent customers. This allows a business to welcome a new client or recognize a loyal customer. Loyalty programs can use this value to reward clients with a reward after a set number of visits. Security staff can see if a client has a visit history and therefore a lower risk than a client with no visit history.

Tagging - VIP / Banned and User Defined Tags with Expiration Date

Optional on-system tagging allows the user to ban somebody right at door, or add him or her to an imported VIP or customer list. Tags can be added when the scan is taken, or by searching with the last name or ID number and updating tag values.

Email and Phone Capture

Users also have the ability to capture phone and email information directly on the touch screen keyboard. Adding customer contact information helps create powerful out-bound marketing programs like email and text message blasts.

PIN Security: Kiosk Mode

The ID Scanner has built-in security to protect sensitive customer information. User Configurable PIN code access restrict, for example, the operator from accessing customer information, block them from searching the database, reconfiguring any of the device settings or exiting the app. This keeps the operator focused on the task at hand and prevents him from altering any configuration settings or accessing customer data.

Photos for customers and Free pics for unscannable IDs

Take 2 pictures of each customer (picture of ID and/or picture of individual) which become part of the customer's record. The Free Pics feature is for quickly capturing images of unscannable IDs such as passports or green cards. These photos prove due diligence and can be referenced later to determine an individuals identity. The free pics button is available right on the main ID Scanner form for easy access.

Data Storage

Data storage is at 50,000 customers and/or 75,000 scans. After either threshold is reached, the software will auto delete visitor information for the oldest non-tagged clients with the lowest visit count (e.g. a person who visited once, 1 year ago). We’ve also included automatic data limiting features which limit data storage to last thirty, seven, one day, and zero days (no storage). Jurisdictions like Utah only allow the last 7 days of data to be stored and Colorado Marijuana dispensaries cannot save any data at all. Built-in data export software downloads customer or scan files in Excel format directly to USB thumb drive – no PC/MAC required.

Exporting and Managing Data

Scan data and Customer Data Excel Spreadsheet compatible files are easily created and exported from the IDVisor Smart Plus using either a Micro USB cable or via Gmail / Google Drive or other on-line services via WiFi.

Engineered and Supported in the United States

The IDVisor Smart Plus is a larger screen version of the IDVisor Smart and runs the same Android app developed in-house by US engineers and will be supported by those same engineers. We are proud to use US engineering and manufacturing resources here in Bronxville, NY.

Important Security/Privacy Feature: Find My Device

With Google's Find My Device feature, you can remotely locate, lock, and erase all contents of your ID Scanner if it's misplaced or stolen.

Top-Tier Customer Support

TokenWorks provides free telephone support to all ID Scanner owners and a support site at IDVisor Smart uses WiFi for software downloads and Advanced Real-Time ID Parsing. Unlike some ID Scanners that will actually stop functioning if maintenance fees are not renewed every year, TokenWorks does not charge for software updates, either for new drivers licenses formats or for improved software features. Before buying any ID Scanner, always ask how much do software updates cost every year and see if the company answers the support phone line.

Network Ready with WiFi and IDVisor Sync

The IDVisor Smart has WiFi and with either a subscription or software license to our IDVisor Sync networking software, can be part of a system of ID Scanners sharing a common database of scans, vip/banned, pictures and real-time anti-pass warnings which is ideal for venues with multiple locations and/or access points. Call 800 574 5034 x1 to learn more about networking options with IDVisor Sync.

Pricing and Upgrade Program

For existing customers, TokenWorks is offering an upgrade to the IDVisor® SmartPlus dependent on trade in product and condition. Just call 800-574-5034 and arrange for the return of your old ID Scanner and upgrade to IDVisor® Smart Plus.


Weight 0.67 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in

1 USB 2.0 port with rubber cover, Micro SD(TF) Card slot – under battery

Memory & Storage

Sim card under battery, RAM: 2GB, Flash ROM: 16GB

User Input Devices

5.0 inch IPS color display with resolution:720×1280, 5.0 inch TP, Multi-Touch works even with water or Gloves


Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi: 802.11b/g/n, Cellular 4G FDD LTE/3G WCDMA/2G GSM

Touch Screen

13 keys, Front:1 scan key,1 delete key,1enter key,1 back key,1 function key,2 shortcut keys, Side:Voice up and down key scan keys,2 ,1 user-defined key,1 power key.


ARM Cortex-A53, 64 bit Quad-core CPU (1.3GHz)


4700mah Li-ion Battery, Continuous operation≥12 Hours, Stand-by time≥72 Hours


8.0-megapixel camera with Auto Focus and LED illumination, Zoom, anti-shake, Macro, Still image and video capture.

Audio Output/Input

Built-in Speakers, 1 headphone jack 3.5mm

Design & Durability

Ruggedized – shock absorption for internal electronics, IP67 industrial grade, solid and light body survives 1.2 m drop height and 1000 0.5m tumbles.
Waterproof dustproof per IP67 specification.

IDVisor Smart Features

  • Price / Performance Leader – We dare you to Compare
  • Easy to read capacitive touch screen – No comparison to 2.5” Blue and White LCD
  • Talking or Audible warnings for under age, expired, tagged, rescanned, birthday events
  • Reads 2D barcode on drivers license from 50 states (GA from 11/2009), all Canadian provinces (Quebec from 2/2009) (including Ont. National Health ID) and Military IDs
  • Honeywell scan engine delivers high performance scanning and handles even hard-to- read barcodes.
  • Fast operation – about 1 second per scan/swipe
  • Customer visit counter on main screen – Identify New versus Loyal Repeat Customers
  • Scan counter on main screen with +/- buttons – Track Total Scans for Attendance / Occupancy
  • Saves over 75,000 scans and 50,000 customers – Eliminates frequent PC downloads.
  • Auto or manual delete data after 1, 7 , or 30 days or save no data – comply with local ordnances
  • Auto database management – old data removed automatically – prevents memory overrun
  • Scan / Customer Data Exports to gmail or google drive or dropbox as Excel CSV file – Eliminates need to install PC / MAC software/drivers
  • Simple operation – just aim and scan licenses.
  • Ruggedized design – rated for 5 foot drop on 6 sides to concrete surface.
  • Easy Setup – Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs.
  • Each transaction is date/time stamped – Allows synchronization with Video time stamps
  • Email/phone number capture with finger friendly keyboard – helps with marketing
  • PIN code helps protect configuration settings and sensitive data.
  • On System Reporting – Search, Review and Update Email, Phone, Tag data (VIP/Banned) installed on scanner – no PC required.
  • Two sets of intuitive warning icons with two age warning thresholds for Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Pop Up Warnings for rescan and Tagged Clients requires interaction – Can’t be overlooked.
  • Optional – Anti Pass-Back capability detects shared IDs. Duplicate ID scans
  • Optional VIP/Banned Tagging with Notes which explain why somebody was tagged
  • Optional Upload VIP/Banned List from PC with just name and optionally ID number
  • Optional Photo Capture – 2 pictures per customer record – record image of ID + person
  • No Fees – No contract set up fees, monthly fees.
  • New software downloads via WiFi – Updates like any other smart phone app
  • Free 800 Technical Phone Support from TokenWorks – We make and support our products
  • Money back guarantee and 1 year warranty – Extended Warranty Available
  • Cellular 4G FDD LTE/3G WCDMA/2G GSM with SIM Card slot













If you purchase the IDVisor Smart Plus with the optional second battery, changing the battery is a snap:

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  1. Dennis

    Super reliable scanner


    This is a really phenomenal product. We are relatively new Pub owners and this past March 17th was our first St. Pat’s Day. Tony and his team at TokenWorks turned our order around in 24 hours and the product, the IDVisor Smart Plus was ready to go right out of the box. We had five bouncers on St. Pat’s and all these gentlemen were able to pass the scanner around as needed. Fortunately for us, we survived a Police Sting operation that night…by using this product we were able to turn all 5 “plants” away at the door! The IDVisor paid for itself on the first night! We also purchased the “passback” feature which worked multiple times for us on our first night using the scanner. I would recommend this feature for any bar owner in a college town or tourist town. We are huge fans of this product and would recommend it highly!

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