With custom tagging, keep track of VIP members, banned patrons, staff, and much more.

Custom tags for whatever suits your business.

Add optional descriptions to keep security and staff up-to-date on why someone is tagged.

Every time a tagged ID is scanned, the operator receives an alert displaying the tag and description.

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Making sure your bar, restaurant, or casino doesn’t exceed its maximum occupancy is extremely important because not only are you able to adhere to local laws, but you’re also keeping your customers safe in case of an emergency.

With an ID scanner by TokenWorks, keeping track of occupancy is easier than ever. By scanning an ID, the counter goes up by 1. You could also manually increase or decrease the number by tapping the buttons on-screen.

So, on top of verifying age and keeping an organized customer database, you’re also keeping an occupancy count while you’re scanning IDs.

For casinos, tag people requesting to be excluded from legalized gaming with “self-excluded” or “voluntarily exluded” to keep staff informed that he is not allowed in the casino. On the other hand, tag high-rollers as “VIP” and include their favorite drink or table in the notes for top-notch service.

If a patron starts a fight at your bar and club, tag them as “Banned” and be sure to include in the notes why – “started fight”. You can set a custom expiration date, such as 2 weeks, or have it remain indefinitely until the owner decides to let them back in. This is also an excellent feature for problem customers at your liquor store and convenience store.

Tag employees or friends with a custom tag like “staff member – cook” or “owner’s brother” to keep security informed on who’s who coming in and out of the business.

Members of your rewards program at your retail store can be tagged for your cashiers to quickly refer to, as well. If you’re running a special that expires in 3 weeks, set the tag to expire at that time to avoid any confusion.

Great customers that support your business consistently could be tagged and adding a note saying “great client – keep happy at all costs!” The customers will started to appreciate the extra mile your employees go for them and come back even more.

Link and sync all of your scanners to consolidate tagged customer list in the cloud.

For casinos with multiple entrances and scanners we recommend that you upgrade to IDVisor Sync, our  cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database.

All scans from all ID scanners are consolidated into IDVisor Sync, enabling your head of security to know how many scans occurred while keeping a “global” occupancy counter for your casino or club.

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ID scanners for customer tagging:

  • Home-Screen-With-Data-1024

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

  • agevisor touch stationary id scanner with data on screen

    AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

  • IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus forensic ID scanners for fake ID detection

    IDentiFake® System

  • Sale! Smart Plus ID Scanner with IDs and Passports

    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

  • M280-Front-1024×1024-copy-scaled

    IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

  • Sale! IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

  • Sale! agevisor contactless in contactless zero contact set-up to help stop the spread of coronavirus

    AgeVisor Contactless ID Scanner

  • IDVisor S50 id scanner with IDStand

    IDVisor® S50 with IDStand™ Bundle

  • IDVisor S50 Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

    IDVisor® S50

  • Sale! AgeVisor 2 – Scanning ID

    AgeVisor™ 2


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Our ID scanners offers a wide range of solutions in addition to age verification, fake ID detection, and automatic data entry.

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