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The IDWedgeBT is a portable card scanner that quickly decodes and transmits ID card data into computer applications, smart phone/tablet apps and web forms over a Bluetooth connection using our IDFill technology. Speed through data entry of driver’s licenses, credit cards, student IDs, loyalty cards and membership cards.

Please specify your Keyboard Code Version when ordering:

  1. HID Bluetooth – Bluetooth Keyboard Interface
  2. USB Keyboard – Plug into MAC/PC/Linux USB port and IDWedgeBT is recognized as a keyboard
  3. SPP Bluetooth – Serial Port Profile. Typically used by Android/Windows Developers
IDWedgeBT - Portable Form Filler – HID Bluetooth
IDWedgeBT - Portable Form Filler – SPP Bluetooth
IDWedgeBT - Portable Form Filler – USB Keyboard

Product Description

A next-generation Data Entry ID Scanner designed to eliminate hours of data entry by wirelessly transmitting ID card data directly into computer applications, smart phone and tablet apps and web forms.

Built-in parsing software quickly decodes ID card data, and a secure connection wirelessly transmits the data to any mobile or desktop device that accepts a Bluetooth keyboard. This allows phones, tablets, and desktop computers to easily input ID card information into an existing form. As computing hardware options like smart phones and tablets continue to change quickly, the IDWedgeBT provides an adaptable and future-proof tool for rapid data capture. The IDWedgeBT works out-of-the-box with any smart phone / tablet app, laptop or desktop program or web form that accepts Bluetooth keyboard input. This allows for a wide-range of consumer and business uses, and means that the IDWedgeBT will continue to work if you change your hardware. Many other ID scanner manufacturers rely on third-party products to operate. When a new feature like Apple’s Lightning Connector is released, older products dependent on Apple’s 30-pin dock connector can no longer work with new hardware. The IDWedgeBT works with your existing hardware now and will work with your hardware purchases in the future.


Scan data into electronic forms in retail, healthcare and financial services to quickly and accurately populate forms including:

  • Credit Card Applications
  • Loyalty Card Applications
  • Membership Applications
  • Hotel / Motel Check in (Credit Card and Drivers License)
  • Rental Agreements (Credit Card and drivers license)
  • Bank Account Applications
  • Patient Admittance Forms
  • Visitor Log Books
  • Doctor Office Forms

Police use it to automatically fill in computer forms in squad car. Hotels use it to automatically fill in visitor registration forms. Facilities use it to automatically fill in visitor registration forms. IDWedge saves times, reduces input error and helps detect fake IDs.


  • Reads Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards, Student IDs, 1D barcodes, Magnetic Stripes
  • Bluetooth in either Human Interface Device (HID) or Serial Port Profile (SPP) mode
  • Connects to virtually any device which supports an HID keyboard and simple secure pairing (Bluetooth V2.1 or higher)
  • Auto Reconnects when paired in HID mode – this means it will re-connect after a power down event or loosing the connection when going out of Bluetooth range.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery with optional External Replaceable Battery for 24/7 venues Casinos.
  • Battery Level Meter shows discharge / charge status of either internal or optional external battery.
  • Industry proven Dunk Barcode scanner – performs better than point and shoot barcode scanners
  • Barcode scanner card activated by dunk – no aiming and pulling a trigger – swipe magnetic stripe cards or dunk barcodes.
  • Parses First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Title, Address, City, State, Zip, Date of Birth, Date of Expiration, License number, Height, Eye color, Class, Hair, Weight, Endorsements, Sex, Scanner S/N from drivers licenses and state issued IDs with magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes from 50 states, most Canadian IDs and Military IDs.
  • Parses First Name, Last Name, Account Number and Expiration date from Credit / Debit Cards
  • Parses out up to two tracks with two fields of specific lengths and specific offsets to be parsed per track – used for student IDs and membership cards.
  • Parses out 1D Barcode strings.
  • Function Key pre programmed to pop-up virtual keyboard on Apple iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  • Keyboard Navigation Keystrokes – {TAB} Tab key, {ENTER} Enter, {UP} Up arrow, {DOWN} Down arrow, {LEFT} Left arrow, {RIGHT} Right arrow, {PGUP} Page up, {PGDN} Page Down, {INS} Insert, {DEL} Delete, {BACKSPACE} Backspace, {ALT x} Alt plus key x, {CONTROL x} Ctrl plus key x, {SHIFT x} Shift plus key x, {Pause x} Pause in (x *100) Ms increments **
  • Delimiter Characters – any string up to ten characters, enclosed with [] – e.g. [,] is comma, [^] is carat, [$] is dollar sign
  • Can be bracketed to mobile device or mounted within Bluetooth range (typically 30 feet).
  • Decodes IDs, drivers licenses from 50 states (GA from 11/2009), all Canadian provinces (Quebec from 2/2009) (including Ont. National Health ID), Military IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards, 1D barcode (code 39 and code 128), and membership cards.


Rapidly inputs data IDWedgeBT inputs data more accurately in 3 seconds than an typical operator in 2 minutes. It’s accurate because it reads the machine readable stripes on the cards, not the printed characters on the surface of the ID. If time is money, this scanner pays for itself by saving time and minimizing data input errors.

Autofills any electronic form on a PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile device that pairs with a Bluetooth HID keyboard.

Future Proof with computers compatible with Bluetooth keyboards – Works with iPhone 5, 4s, 4, 3 / iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, mini, etc. / iPod 4, 5, 6, 7. And as long as Apple pairs with Bluetooth keyboards, it will continue to work with future iOS devices. No worry about Apple changing its docking connector, case size, screen size. IDWedgeBT operates independently of specific physical connectors or case configurations.

Wide Acceptance – Works across multiple platforms – Works with Apple products (MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini), Android phones/tablets (Samsung III, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Motorola XOOM tablet) and Microsoft operating system including new Microsoft Slate tablet. Any device that pairs with a Bluetooth HID keyboard using Simple Secure Pairing (present from Bluetooth version 2.1 and later). Again, IDWedgeBT does not care what size the mobile device is nor what type of connector it has because pairs as a keyboard.

It pairs two ways, either as a Bluetooth keyboard sending drivers license data directly into the active application or using Serial Port Profile (SPP) mode for Andriod/Windows/Linux/Chrome operating systems. When pairing as a keyboard, there is no software development. Works with virtually any existing application that is compatible with a keyboard.

Automatically Create Customers in Quickbooks with IDWedgeBT ID Drivers License Scanner

Visit for more detailed instructions »

Google Forms captures Drivers License / Survey Data with IDWedgeBT across multiple platforms

iPad with Virgina Metal Scrap Form – Adobe Acrobat creates editable forms that capture signatures and pictures

iPad Mini with FormConnect – Mobile Form creation & Completion Solution

Mobile Data Capture with iPad and FileMaker Go

IDWedgeBT autofilling complex TSD auto Rental form – including credit card raw data capture

IDWedgeBT Scanning ID into Web on iPhone 5

Mobile Data Caputure – Android Samsung Galaxy II running Mememto, a Free Android Database app.

iPod Demo – Scanning Drivers License Data into Safari and Notes

iPad 2 – Web Demo Capturing Data from Drivers License in Safari Web Browser

Xoom Android Tablet Capturing ID data sent from IDWedgeBT and saved in Web browser


Bluetooth v2.1 or higher for HID keyboard interface. Since Bluetooth v2.1 came out (2007), most smartphones / tablets have more advanced versions. For laptops / desktops without Bluetooth, a USB Bluetooth dongle works as long as it supports version 2.1 or higher.

A computer with a USB port – necessary to configure the formula or script used to autofill the form. IDWedgeBT becomes USB flash drive when battery button is held down before connecting USB cable and a simple text editor is used to edit the formula files.

Tested Devices

  • iPod Touch 4 iphone 4s/5/5s
  • iPad 1, 2, 3, Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy II Phone (Android)
  • Motorla Xoom Tablet (Android) (SPP and HID)
  • Google Nexus 7 Tablet
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Macbook Pro Laptop
  • Asus Netbook with Bluetooth Dongle
  • Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop with Bluetooth Dongle


The IDWedgeBT is user configured by programming simple user defined script or formula to specify the field order (first, middle, last, etc.) and the keystrokes (tab, arrow up, arrow down, enter) or characters (comma, space, slash, etc.) which are sent to the active form via the system keyboard buffer. The application never knows if a user or the IDWedgeBT is typing in the fields.

Click Here to visit to see latest User Manuals ( HID, SPP, Wired USB)

For Example, the formula F{TAB}L{ENTER}A{ENTER}C [ ]S[,]Z{ENTER} would create a mailing label in Word or Notepad application (assuming the cursor was active or blinking in that application).

If the cursor was blinking on a web page, then a formula like F{TAB}L{TAB}A{TAB}C{TAB}S{TAB}Z{TAB}{ENTER} would fill out the First name field on the form, tab over to the Last name field, enter last name, tab over to the next field and enter the Address, tab over to the next field and enter City, tab over to the next field and enter State, tab over to the next field and enter Zip, and finally tab over to a submit button and send the Enter Key.


Two brackets are available for the IDWedgeBT. These can be used to hang the IDWedgeBT on a belt or attach it to an iPad or POS machine, for example.

  • IDWedgeBT bluetooth mag stripe and barcode ID scanner

    IDWedgeBT Bracket



  • bt cable

    IDWedgeBT USB Programming Cable

  • IDWedgeBT Bottom USB Cable

    IDWedgeBT Bottom USB Cable

  • IDWedgeBT Side Cable

    IDWedgeBT Side USB Cable


Extended Battery

  • IDWedgeBT Battery Case

    External Battery Case Package for IDWedgeBT ID Scanner


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How To Install HanDBase on an iPhone or iPad – February 11, 2016

HanDBase is a third-party application that allows for easy creation of custom forms, which can then be populated automatically with Tokenworks IDWedgeBT.

IDWedgeBT + HanDBase – Mobile Customer Data Collection Solution for Lead Capture, Surveys, Digital Forms – July 1, 2016

An ID Scanner from Tokenworks coupled with a custom HanDBase form is the perfect solution for collecting valuable customer information using Drivers License data to auto-fill contact information and hanDBase software create a customized mobile data collection system.

IDWedgeBT with HanDBase Android Demo – Easy Custom Forms with ID Card Data Capture
IDWedgeBT HanDBase iPad Demo – Easy Custom Forms with ID Card Data Capture – July 8, 2016

HandDBase by DDH software provides an easy way to build custom forms that can be partially filled in by the Tokenworks IDWedgeBT ID Scanner. The software is currently $9.99 for Android and there are other versions available for iOS and Windows.

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