Convenience Store ID Scanner

Protect your liquor & tobacco licenses, prevent underage sales.

AgeVisor Touch

Countertop touch-screen ID scanner with easy-to-use interface

A convenient way to quickly verify age for your c-store or gas station. A perfect match.

Age OK and Underage Age Verification Icons

Protect your liquor & tobacco licenses.

The AgeVisor Touch builds upon Tokenworks’ legendary ID parsing technology to quickly and reliably validate a customer’s age, eliminating costly age miscalculations.
AgeVisor Touch Age Verification ID Scanner

No setup required. Easy to use.

Scanner is ready to use out of the box. Motion activated barcode reader. Age Indicators and audible warnings make understanding information simple, and easy.
Countertop AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner for Convenience Stores

Designed with counter space in mind.

The Touch is designed for countertop use. The device is large enough to clearly display important information yet it’s 7×7 inch frame won’t clutter your work space.

Want to stop even the highest quality fake IDs? Meet IDentiFake.


Fake ID Detection

  • Over 50 forensic checks.
  • Compares scanned ID against a document library of over 5000 authentic licenses and passports.
  • Maintain a database of scanned customers.
  • Optional webcam to capture image of cardholder.
  • Detects the highest quality fake IDs available – ones that are indistinguishable to the naked eye.
IDentiFake and IDentiFake Plus Fake ID Scanners

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Verify age quickly and easily when selling alcohol or tobacco at your convenience store or gas station with an ID scanner from TokenWorks. Please fill out the form on the right or call us directly M-F 9-5 EST at 914-704-3100

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