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Club venues are large and have multiple entrances making it difficult to verify the age of all customers. With a club ID scanner, your bouncers and servers will have a much easier time verifying age and keeping track of who’s coming in and out of your nightclub.

Avoid Citations & Fines

If your club fails alcohol age-compliance checks several times, you can lose your liquor license. In some states, you’ll be hit with citations and fines. If you continue to fail these checks, your business will be shut down.

You can avoid this by simply implementing one of our ID scanners.

Our IDVisor Smart V2 and IDVisor Smart Plus are the essential ID scanners for bouncers at bars, clubs, and lounges.

Features for Bouncers


Troublemakers are unavoidable; they will come to you bar and inevitably disturb the peace. As a bouncer, you control the situation and remove the problem from the venue. Everything is fine, until the troublemaker comes back.

With our ID scanner, you can mark a particular patron as banned if they do end up causing trouble.

AntiPassBack – Shared ID Warnings

The AntiPass Back software detects when an ID is re-scanned in the same evening. It can be used several ways;

  • at the front door to detect licenses which are ‘Passed-Back’ to others
  • confirm returning patrons have already paid cover charge
  • at the bar to identify individuals who are consuming too much
  • helps detect fake IDs which have the same ‘cloned’ data stripe
  • can detect duplicate IDs when somebody has “loaned” a duplicate ID to a younger friend / sibling
  • detect if a wrist band was already issued to an individual.
  • at events, you can detect if a free sample has already been given to an attendee.

Some clubs use the ID Pass-Back detection to ensure wrist bands or ink stamps have not been transferred from existing customers. If a customer’s ID was scanned when they first entered and were wrist banded or stamped, then when they leave & return, an ‘ID Pass-Back’ alarm should be generated when the ID is rescanned.

Passback threshold can be set from 1 hour up to 168 hours (7 days). Some applications require same evening passback detection while others want detection in the last 7 days.

Multiple passback events with date/time are displayed. This permits operators to allow multiple serves. For example, a stadium has a four beer limit – each time a client is served, their ID is scanned and this provides a count for the number of serves.

Note: With IDVisor Sync software, it’s possible to network multiple scanners and have anti-passback warnings across a network. A 30,000 seat football stadium has implemented IDVisor Sync – call us for details.

Multiple Entrances & Scanners – Cloud Network

If your venue has multiple entrances and implements multiple scanners, you can easily keep track of all data in one convenient place: oud cloud network, IDVisor Sync.


Benefits of Sync for Night Clubs

  • Get notification via text to all security people when a banned person gets scanned
  • Antipass back across all scanners – somebody uses the ID at the front door and then its tossed out the window to a friend who tries to re-use it at the side door – bounce now can closely examine the person.
  • Get reports instantly from all the scanner – no need to download data from each scanner.
  • Safety – Limit data in the remote scanners by saving only cache copy of the tag list – all other data safely stored remotely – so if a scanner is lost, no data is lost
  • Able to have IDentiFake in venue on network to check out suspected fake IDs.

Be ready for all IDs.

The IDVisor Smart reads drivers’ licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states. It also reads Canadian drivers’ licenses and US military IDs

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Recommended Products for Night Clubs

IDVisor Smart V2 Night Club ID Scanner

IDVisor Smart V2

Our most popular ID scanner for age verification. This handheld and rugged scanner is perfect for quick ID scanning for long lines of customers.

IDentiFake Night Club ID Scanner


Over 50 forensic checks against a document library of over 6000 authentic IDs and passports. This is the most advanced fake ID detection scanner available.

AgeVisor Touch Night Club ID Scanner

AgeVisor Touch

Perfect for point-of-sale or countertop service. Verify age quickly without disrupting the purchase transaction in your convenience store, liquor store, or bar.

IDVisor Sync Cloud Network for Night Clubs

IDVisor Sync Cloud Network

All of your scanners under one cloud network. With a Sync subscription, easily manage data from all of your devices.

Nightlife people waiting in line to get into bar with bouncer

Protect and grow your business.

The IDVisor Smart builds upon TokenWorks’ legendary ID parsing technology to quickly and reliably verify a patron’s age.

Bouncer Checking ID

Built to endure life at the front door.

The IDVisor Smart is designed for the bumps and bruises of a busy nightlife. A streamlined design offers the classic TokenWorks’ strength in a smaller, lighter form factor.

Excel Spreadsheet with Customer Profiles and Custom Tagging Feature

Integrated CRM: Custom Tagging

Quickly classify customers while their age is being verified. Use “VIP” tags to give special treatment to regular customers or “Banned” tags to keep out troublemakers.

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