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We develop the most advanced ID Scanners for Casinos and ID Validation solutions for fake ID detection.

We’ve been developing ID verification products and systems since 2002, and we have one of the most advanced and sought after ID verification technology packages available, built on the best ID Scanners for Casinos in the industry. No matter the size or complexity of your organization, from TokenWorks has a solution that we will customize for your unique individual business needs.

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Why Effective Customer Age Validation Is Essential For Casinos

Age verification to prevent under age sales and/or access is a critical component in any industry that provides age restricted goods or services. As one of the most regulated consumer business categories, the casino industry is regulated with some unique requirements. Regulators and law enforcement authorities today are watching more closely and cracking down harder (including sting operations) on all businesses that provide age-restricted products (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) and/or services (betting, gambling, etc.). The risks to the casino industry for non-compliance can be particularly expensive.  Fines can run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for allowing under age access to game floors or gambling.  The prevalence of fake driver licenses and ID cards (easily and inexpensively purchased from sophisticated counterfeit ID makers in China) among late teens and 20 year olds is only adding to these challenges.

Casino’s Unique Requirements

Deploying the best ID scanners (*) is an important part of any casino’s operations. Casinos’ typically large size, multiple entrances, areas and floor access points, 24/7 operation, peak operating days/dates/times, on-premise bars/restaurants, 18/21 age state laws and a diverse visitor base makes preventing underage or banned visitors from unauthorized access especially challenging. Security personnel, management, bartenders, servers, cashiers and tellers may have different requirements for verifying age and/or making sure the identification document presented is authentic. Simple visual inspection of IDs or manually comparing suspect ones to a guide book is no longer a realistic option, especially from law enforcement’s perspective.

(*TokenWorks proprietary scanner software verifies over 6,500 Documents including North America and International Drivers Licenses, ID Documents, Passports, Visa, Travel Documents, and permits. Interagency issued IDs – including international, state, military, Native American IDs, and Passports.

ID scanners for casinos are needed at spots that sell alcohol

Integrating Contact Tracing, Age Verification, and Occupancy Tracking Into Your Casino Operations

“High risk” locations in casinos, such as entrance podiums and cashier windows may need a solution that goes beyond scanning a driver license or other form of ID to verify age with industry leading fraud detection. TokenWorks scaners verify age, confirm an ID is not a fake or modified, prevents passback, and allows for customer tagging Mobile security personnel need mobile ID scanners for casinos that they can carry, as may cocktail servers. Bartenders need a stationary ID scanner that is quick and easy to access/use. Security management needs networked ID scanner tools for monitoring and control. Finally, all of these pieces must work together as one integrated solution (even when WiFi is down) while being modular in nature to allow you to start with one piece and expand as needed.

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Mobile & Stationary Scanning

Mobile scanners are perfect for security personnel on the move. While stationary scanners are designed for bar counters and podiums.

Fake ID Detection

Stop high-quality fake IDs in their tracks with a fake ID scanner. With over 50 forensic checks against a document library of authentic IDs, fake IDs don’t stand a chance. Perfect for cashier windows and entrance podiums.


Completely customizable tag feature

  • Tag customers as VIP, banned, self-exclusion, etc.
  • Custom timeframe for tags: expire at certain dates or set indefinitely
  • Audible and visual alert when tagged customer is scanned
  • Send alerts to all networked scanners via Sync

Sync - Cloud-Based Networking Subscription

Network all of your ID scanners via the cloud. Share scan data, occupancy tracking, ban lists, and more.




Mobile ID Scanning

Our mobile ID scanner IDVisor Smart V2 is designed for security personnel on the move. It’s even a great solution for cocktail servers moving from table to table.

It’s rugged, easy-to-use, and the perfect ID scanner for age verification, keeping track of occupants, & tagging customers while cosntantly on the move.

Occupancy Counter

The occupancy counter tells the operator how many IDs have been scanned. This is a great feature for knowing how many occupants are in your casino and for minding occupancy rules.

Easily keep track of customer occupancy at your casino at your ID scanner at your TokenWorks.


  • Every time an ID is scanned, the total number of people on the screen will increase by 1.
  • Manually add or subtract occupancy counter without scanning an ID.
  • Easy-to-read and quickly reference.

idvisor sync cloud service logo

Note: With IDVisor Sync software, it’s possible to network multiple scanners and consolidate occupancy numbers, creating a “global” occupancy number.

smart v2 – occupancy counter feature

See, Hear, and Feel Warnings

Color Coded Warnings, Talking Warnings, Vibration

The V2 makes it almost impossible to miss a warning. Earlier generation scanners with monochrome displays simply showed the ID’s calculated age, which could be misinterpreted by tired employees. This scanner displays the calculated age and then updates color coded icons, a color coded status message, sounds an audible alarm and vibrates, making almost impossible to overlook a problem ID.


  • One or Two Age Icons turn Green or Red
  • Status Message is Green Red or Yello
  • Talking Warnings or Audible Warnings with Volume control
  • Vibrates on Warning Events – Feel the Warning

AntiPassBack – Shared ID Warnings

The AntiPass Back software detects when an ID is re-scanned in the same evening. It can be used several ways:

  • at the front door to detect licenses which are ‘Passed-Back’ to others
  • confirm returning patrons have already paid cover charge
  • at the bar to identify individuals who are consuming too much
  • helps detect fake IDs which have the same ‘cloned’ data stripe
  • can detect duplicate IDs when somebody has “loaned” a duplicate ID to a younger friend / sibling
  • detect if a wrist band was already issued to an individual.

idvisor sync cloud service logo

Note: With IDVisor Sync software, it’s possible to network multiple scanners and have anti-passback warnings across a network.

Busy Casino Floor
person standing out in crowd


Completely customizable tag feature

  • Tag customers as VIP, banned, self-exclusion, etc.
  • Custom timeframe for tags: expire at certain dates or set indefinitely
  • Audible and visual alert when tagged customer is scanned

idvisor sync cloud service logo

Note: With IDVisor Sync software, send alerts to all networked scanners when a tagged customer is scanned.


Capture Photos

Take 2 pictures of each customer (picture of ID and/or picture of individual) which become part of the customer’s record.

The Free Pics feature is for quickly capturing images of unscannable IDs such as passports or green cards.

These photos prove due diligence and can be referenced later to determine an individuals identity. The free pics button is available right on the main ID Scanner form for easy access.

idvisor sync cloud service logo

Note: With IDVisor Sync software, all captured photos (both of the person and ID) and driver license data from every scanner on network are sent to the cloud.

agevisor touch stationary id scanner with data on screen

Stationary ID Scanning

Our stationary ID scanner AgeVisor Touch is designed for bar countertops. Place it next to a cash register for easy-access age verification!

Easily read, record, and calculate age for IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and military IDs. It’s fast, secure, reliable, and very easy to use!


  • Easy to Setup – Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs
  • Reads Magnetic Stripes and 2D Bar Codes  Licenses from all 50 states, all Canadian provinces (including Ont. National Health ID) and Military IDs
  • Easy to Read – 7″ Touch Screen
  • No Buttons to Press – Motion Activated barcode scanner
  • Fast Operation  about 1 second per scan
  • Talking or Audible warnings – For under age, expired, tagged, re-scanned, birthday events
  • Saves 250,000+ Scans and 100,000+ Customers – Eliminates frequent data downloads
  • Easily Export Data to USB drive as Excel CSV file – No software to install
  • No Fees – No contract set up fees, monthly fees.
  • Free Software Updates – Via WiFi
  • Free 800 Technical Phone Support from TokenWorks – We make and support our products
  • Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Extended Warranty Available




Fake ID Detection

Our fake ID scanner IDentiFake is the ultimate tool for detecting fradulent IDs. Add our optional passport scanner for more security, as fake passports become more of an issue.

With over 50 forensic checks against a document library of authentic IDs, fake IDs don’t stand a chance at casinos.

Ideal for security podiums, entrance points, and cashier windows.

Multiple forensic checks.

Performs forensic checks of holograms, micro-printing, ultraviolet and infrared images, and other ID-specific security features.

identifake gif pass
Sync all your id scanners

Cloud Networking – IDVisor Sync

Multiple scanners under one network. Manage data from all of your devices with ease using IDVisor Sync.

What information is stored on IDVisor Sync?

  • Scan data of all networked scanners
  • All VIP / Banned / Membership data – Real-time shared lists from all scanners
  • Anti-Passback data – Real-time notifications of re-scanned IDs
  • Photos – Shared and accessible among all networked scanners
  • Demographic Reports –  gender ratio, top zip codes, age breakdown, etc.
  • Daily Automated Reports – Reports via email

Sync Features

  • Collects real time data & photos from networked ID scanners in SQL database.
  • Central management of tagged (VIP/Banned) list.
  • Synchronize settings across all scanners via admin console.
  • Real time notification of rescanned IDs.
  • Review photos taken by all networked ID scanners.
  • Available as a subscription or software license.
  • Software subscription is optionally available on customer’s Azure account or dedicated Windows server.
  • Developer API for data download to registered applications.
  • Automated Data Management – delete data on periodic basis.
  • Device Management – Rename and group scanners.
  • Data Download – Customer list / scan report by range.
  • Upload and manage tag list and customers via admin console.
  • SMS / emails triggered by scans on tagged list.
  • Permission-based access for different users.

Scanners function both on and offline

  • If internet connection goes down, scanners will continue to work offline.
  • New data is automatically sent to the cloud once connection is restored.

IDVisor Sync with API

Integrate our cloud-based networking software with your own web services.

  • Retrieve scanned customer data from Sync and apply it however you’d like.
  • Integrate Sync to automatically send scanned customer data to your web services.
  • Safe and secure, the data is protected in Sync.

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    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

  • Sale! IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

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    IDVisor Sync Secure Cloud Networking Subscription

  • IDVisor S50 Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

    IDVisor® S50

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    IDVisor® S50 with IDStand™ Bundle

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    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

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