ID Scanners

Tokenworks Inc. is the leading provider of id scanners and identification scanning solutions in the USA and Canada. Age verification, forensic and mobile data capture devices. TokenWorks provides identification scanners to automate and document the ID checking process for authorizing the purchase of age sensitive products such as alcohol and tobacco.

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  • IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus forensic ID scanners for fake ID detection

    IDentiFake® System

  • CR5400 barcode ID scanner

    IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

  • Smart Plus ID Scanner with IDs and Passports

    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

  • IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

  • IDWedgeKB ID Scanner from Tokenworks

    IDWedgeKB – Keyboard ID Scanner

  • M280 mag stripe and barcode ID scanner with photo capture

    IDWedgePro – Multi-Form Auto-Filler

  • IDWedgePro data entry ID scanner automatic form filler

    IDWedgePro Software – Multi Form AutoFiller

  • IDWedgeBT bluetooth mag stripe and barcode ID scanner

    IDWedgeBT – Portable Form Filler

  • AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner