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Explore the full range of TokenWorks product offerings below. Each product or service can be customized to fit your business’s specific needs. Choose the button below for your preferred system type or scroll down for more.

Stationary Age Verification Systems

AgeVisor Touch

Starting at $895

This advanced age verification ID scanner reads, records and calculates a customer’s age from Drivers Licenses and other government issued IDs from all 50 states and Canada, including Military IDs.

Easy to use, fast, reliable and low cost. AgeVisor Touch, with advanced features such as an embedded Customer Relationship Management SQL database (not required for use), makes this the perfect automated age verification solution for C-Stores, Liquor Stores, bars, night clubs, vapor shops, cannabis dispensaries, member clubs or any business required to verify age. Countertop or wall mounting options are included.

AgeVisor Contactless


AgeVisor Contactless – Zero Contact ID Scanner – Verify age quickly and accurately while retaining safe social distance between merchant and customer. Set up the scanner and screen 6 ft. apart or flip the scanner to allow customer-handled scanning to perfectly implement contactless scanning!

This Age Verification ID Scanner reads, records and calculates age from Drivers Licenses and IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and Military IDs. Easy to use, fast, reliable and low cost making this perfect for C-Stores, Liquor Stores, bars, night clubs, vapor shops, marijuana dispensaries, member clubs or any business required to check age.

AgeVisor POS

Starting at $595

The AgeVisor™ POS Age Verification System adds an ID Card Scanner to your existing POS system. Just connect the AgeVisor™ card scanner (pictured in the green circle) to your Windows-based POS / desktop / laptop with the included USB cable. The AgeVisor® software runs in the background and pops up whenever you scan an ID.

It provides a reliable, low-cost way to verify age, collect customer data and protect your business investment. It is an ideal system for bars, nightclubs, grocery stores and liquor stores – any business with an existing Window-Based POS system that needs to add a reliable way to verify customer age and manage visitors.

Mobile Age Verification Systems

IDVisor Smart V2

Starting at $795


The IDVisor® Smart V2 is TokenWork’s first Android based Age Verification ID Scanner incorporating over fifteen years of drivers license scanning experience.It quickly reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 US States, Canada and Military IDs while maintaining a customer relationship management database.

The IDVisor® Smart V2 is ideal for bars, night clubs, member clubs or any business checking customer age that require a mobile solution ID Scanning solution.

IDVisor Smart Plus

Starting at $995

Rugged IP67 Handheld Age Verification ID Scanner with massive 5 inch capacitive touch screen,  super fast Honeywell 6603 barcode scanner, picture capture, customer relationship management features like tagging (VIP/Banned), email and phone capture, verbal or audible warnings, customer visit counters, USB or WiFi data export,  Intuitive color user interface, and on-screen reporting.

The IDVisor® Smart PLUS is ideal for bars, night clubs, member clubs or any business checking customer age that requires a mobile ID Checker. It quickly reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 US States, Canada and Military IDs while maintaining a customer relationship management database.

Advanced Age Verification Systems

IDVisor Sync:
Saas Networking Solution

IDVisor Sync provides networking software and host management services for ID Scanners that scan drivers licenses at various entry point or separate venues to verify customer age, update visitor history and authorize entry across your entire footprint.

We’ve developed the sync technology and provide network host management services to help clients manage their network of handheld and desktop ID scanners.

IDentiFake® – Fake ID Detection:

Call us for Custom Pricing

Fake IDs are getting more sophisticated by the day. In only a few seconds, the IDentiFake system from TokenWorks performs up to 50 different document-specific forensic checks on any government-issued drivers license or ID from the US or Canada, and then displays the validity of the ID directly on your computer. We even have an upgrade for scanning passports with the same level of capability.

Our IDentiFake-enabled solutions can read images from both front and back sides of an ID in full 24 bit color at 600 dpi resolution and is capable of detecting microprint, holographic, and other security features, including UV images. It also collects a Near-Infrared (NIR) image (8 bit grayscale) of the front of the ID and includes a magnetic strip reader. Our scanners are compact, heavy-duty and reliable. The cover to the units are easily opened for cleaning or to clear any IDs that may have jammed.

IDVisor Sentry:
Customer Management System

Starting at $1,095

The IDVisor Sentry makes capturing and maintaining detailed customer information simple and easy. When a customer’s ID is scanned for the first time, an account is automatically created using the data contained in the ID. The system then calculates the age of the customer, verifies that the ID has not expired and automatically captures front and back images of the ID (CR5400 only). Membership tags can then be applied to the customer’s account with custom expiration dates. The system is also capable of automatically filling out any existing external forms in one step, eliminating time consuming manual entry and human errors.

Automated Form Filling Solutions

IDWedge automated form filling solutions

Starting at $295

The IDWedge AutoFill Application scans IDs, driver’s licenses from 50 states, all Canadian provinces and Military IDs. It then fills any form on a PC that accepts keyboard input. IDWedge saves times, reduces input error and helps detect fake IDs.

Fully customizable for your specific form-filling needs, the IDWedge can be upgraded to fill multiple forms from one scan, and can be integrated with the IDVisor Sync product.

Previous-Generation Products

TokenWorks is constantly innovating and developing new products, features and capabilities in both our hardware and software solutions. As new generations of our products are introduced, older technologies cannot deliver the same functionality and performance as more advanced innovations. However, because TokenWorks equipment is designed for long-term durability, many older platforms continue to be available for customers that specifically need them.

To review our previous-generation products, a few of each of which we have in inventory and available for sale, please visit our previous-generation products page.

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