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The University of Wyoming Prospers with TokenWorks’ ID Scanners

The University of Wyoming wanted to sell beer and wine at home basketball and football games to enhance fans’ overall game day experience, generate additional revenue for athletic departments, and create a more responsible drinking environment, but they didn’t have a system in place to accomplish this. To achieve this goal, The University of Wyoming Athletics partnered with TokenWorks for a sophisticated age verification system to ensure the safety and legality of their attendees and to provide its fans with the best entertainment atmosphere possible. The University of Wyoming began using IDVisor Smart ID scanners and has also licensed TokenWorks’ IDVisor Sync Network software to connect the scanners across a private network. As of fall 2017, University of Wyoming Athletics is now offering beer and wine for sale at their large stadium events.

Employee verifies sports fan's age by scanning his ID with IDVisor Smart ID scanner at football stadium

Each fan wishing to purchase alcohol must have their ID checked, verifying legal age, and will be provided a wristband for that game at one of the ID/ Wrist-Banding stations. Each wristband has four pull-off tabs representing four drinks. The IDVisor Sync’s anti-passback feature prevents individuals from obtaining another wristband by determining whether or not they have already received one.  

The age verification software of the IDVisor Smart will allow UW to serve only those of proper age and prevent over serving. Beer and wine is sold two hours prior to the start of the game, thereby encouraging fans to enter venues early and help create a pregame atmosphere, at one of the many selling locations within the stadium.

Employee verifies sports fan's age by scanning his ID with IDVisor Smart ID scanner at football stadium.

The University of Wyoming will erase the ID information of all individuals after each event. However, if they come across individuals that create unsafe situations or a hostile atmosphere at a game or event, TokenWorks’ IDVisor Smart and IDVisor Sync Network software will allow employees to tag individuals’ driver’s licenses/IDs and ban them from any and all future events.

Other precautions put in place by the university to ensure a safe environment include stopping alcohol sales at the end of the third quarter of football games, setting up an alcohol free zone in the stadium, and offering free SafeRide and local taxi services readily available post games and events.


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The IDVisor Smart reads drivers’ licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states. It also reads Canadian drivers’ licenses and US military IDs

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