Mark Hovde

General Manager, Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Rent A Car ID ScannerJust wanted to relate an incident we had where your ID scanner device caught an ID theft and prevented us from renting a car to a customer.

It happened on Tuesday when a lady presented her “driver’s license” and credit card – the license said she was from Alabama. My agent did not have a good feeling about the customer when she came up because he said she seemed too nice but looked kind of sketchy.

So, he tried to process the rental and when he scanned her license the data on the front did not match the back – whole different states. Obviously, most thieves would not spend the time trying to fake a whole license for what may only be a few days use of a stolen identity. So, it figures it would not work.

Needless to say your device prevented a stolen identity from renting our car and most likely never returning the vehicle. So, money well spent.

I wanted to relate the story to you – say thanks.

Just wanted to send you another situation where we prevented another fraudulent person from renting with us. This is huge and I am a huge advocate for your product as a result, they are worth every penny!

At approximately 8:30pm tonight, Jennifer turned down a rental for obvious credit card fraud. Customer presented a California driver’s license. When Jennifer scanned the license it populated all Washington information. Then she scanned his Bank of America Credit Card and nothing came up on the payment screen. Jennifer stated that the customer had asked her multiple times to just enter in the credit card information and not scan it because the bank made an error. The Tokenworks ID Scanner was a crucial tool in preventing this fraud!

Lori A. Sharp

Bacchus Wine & Spirits

Bacchus Wine & SpiritsI have passed your company name & number on to other liquor stores in our area – the laws just recently changed here and we have to ID every single customer regardless of their age.

In our line of business when we have to do this on every sale, it has slowed us down tremendously, and with the holiday season coming it would have been horrific.

Now with the machines I’ve bought from your company, our lives will be much better. Thanks so much.

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