Scrap Yard ID Scanner

Verify customer identity, keep track of materials, save time and money. With a scrap yard ID scanner, your scrap yard and recycling facility will be more organized and protected.

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Recycling Facilities

In order to meet various state and local regulations designed to curb the theft of metal, scrap metal yards and recycling facilities are required to document the identity of the individuals attempting to sell materials. An ID scanner can help you manage customer relations.

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Each individual attempting to dump solid waste at a landfill is required to provide a certain amount of information as well. This information also varies by location but usually includes the address of the individual to ensure that they are a town resident and the amount and type of waste because of the limits that exist at each landfill.

IDVisor Sentry

The IDVisor Sentry is a driver’s license scanning software package with the ability to capture driver license information, images of the driver license, images of the cardholder from a webcam, and record transactional details like the type and amount of waste. It can cross check the driver license address with a list of approved addresses to ensure the patron is authorized. The system is also capable of automatically filling out any existing external forms, eliminating time consuming manual entry and human error.

  • Streamline check in process/avoid operator error
  • Securely and accurately verify ID/residence status
  • Quickly capture ID data with date/time stamp
  • Questionnaire: What material? How much?
  • With questionnaire, keep track of what customer previously sold and how much
  • Customer visit counter
  • Warn of repeat visits within preset times/dates
  • Tag (ban) customers who may have violated rules
  • Easily manage/keep records of visitors
  • On-system reporting or export data to other systems
  • Network to centralized management console
  • Network multiple readers if operating more than one site
  • Free technical phone support


IDVisor Sentry Record

IDVisor Smart ID Scanner

This mobile ID scanner extends the functionality of the Sentry while maintaining a customer relationship management database. These integrated features include tracking customer visits, capturing additional customer information like phone and address, and searchable database using simple text queries.

Customer Relationship Management – allow or block

Create lists with allocated zip codes, indicating whether or not customers are allowed to drop off materials at your facility. This feature can ensure only residents of your town or county are approved.

The first image shows an example of an address on the approved list, while the second image shows one that isn’t.



Automatic Data Capture & Form Filling

Our IDFill technology will help you save time and money by automatically filling forms after swiping an ID through IDWedgeKB or IDWedgePro

  • Zero footprint – no software installation
  • Autofills any form via USB form
  • Configure with simple text editor
  • Fast: 1 second scan
  • Reads all 50 states, Canadian provinces, and military IDs
  • Reads 1D barcodes and magnetic stripes
ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network

Cloud Networking - IDVisor Sync

Multiple scanners under one network. Manage data from all of your devices with ease using IDVisor Sync.

What information is stored on IDVisor Sync?

  • Scan data of all networked scanners
  • All VIP / Banned / Membership data - Real-time shared lists from all scanners
  • Anti-Passback data - Real-time notifications of re-scanned IDs
  • Photos - Shared and accessible among all networked scanners
  • Demographic Reports -  gender ratio, top zip codes, age breakdown, etc.
  • Daily Automated Reports - Reports via email

Sync Features

  • Collects real time data & photos from networked ID scanners in SQL database.
  • Central management of tagged (VIP/Banned) list.
  • Synchronize settings across all scanners via admin console.
  • Real time notification of rescanned IDs.
  • Review photos taken by all networked ID scanners.
  • Available as a subscription or software license.
  • Software subscription is optionally available on customer's Azure account or dedicated Windows server.
  • Developer API for data download to registered applications.
  • Automated Data Management - delete data on periodic basis.
  • Device Management - Rename and group scanners.
  • Data Download - Customer list / scan report by range.
  • Upload and manage tag list and customers via admin console.
  • SMS / emails triggered by scans on tagged list.
  • Permission-based access for different users.

Scanners function both on and offline

  • If internet connection goes down, scanners will continue to work offline.
  • New data is automatically sent to the cloud once connection is restored.

IDVisor Sync with API

Integrate our cloud-based networking software with your own web services.

  • Retrieve scanned customer data from Sync and apply it however you'd like.
  • Integrate Sync to automatically send scanned customer data to your web services.
  • Safe and secure, the data is protected in Sync.
ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network

CASE STUDY: Recycling software company uses IDWedgePro to help streamline record keeping and inventory tracking., a scrap metal recycling software company, had a specific need and we offeredthe solution with IDWedgePro, our automatic data capture software.

scrapyard recycling

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