Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping Processing Times

All orders are processed and shipped within 1 business days of receipt.
You will receive email notification confirming both the placement of your order and a shipping confirmation message, complete with tracking number.

Orders Placed before 12:00 Noon EST will be shipped same day.  We try to ship same day on all orders but orders placed late in the day may be shipped next business day.  Please contact us if ordering late in the day and same day shipping is required.


Buyer is responsible for paying for S/H.  Fedex Overnight, 2-Day and Express Saver, depending on availability.

For credit card orders, shipment to confirmed addresses only.  Please do not request shipment to a non-confirmed address.  See for more on confirmed addresses.
Phone credit card orders will also only be shipped to card billing address.

Copyright Notices

Copyright © 2016 TokenWorks Inc. All rights reserved. This material is for personal use only. Reproduction and re-dissemination, including posting to news groups, is expressly prohibited without prior written consent. IDWedge, IDFill, IDVisor, CardVisor, CardTool and TokenWorks are registered trademarks of TokenWorks Inc. Palm and Hotsync are registered trademarks of Palm Inc.

Sales Tax Policy

We have prepared this sales tax policy statement to explain to you when and why we collect sales tax on your purchases.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even if we do not collect sales tax from you, you may owe sales tax on your purchase. Unless you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon, your state most likely requires purchasers to report and pay tax on all purchases that are not taxed at the time of sale. The tax may be reported and paid on your individual income tax return or by filing a consumer use tax return. For more information, please visit your state’s department of revenue website.

TOKENWORKS INC. COLLECTS SALES TAX in states where we have physical presence (or nexus), including New York.

TOKENWORKS INC. DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX in any state NOT listed above because Tokenworks Inc. is not required to collect sales or use tax in these states.

TOKENWORKS INC DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX if we have your exemption certificate on file.

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