This is a discontinued product.

CardScribe® – ID Card Attendance Application

CardScribe® is a free application that TokenWorks supplies for the CardTool® card reader. It is typically used to in time and attendance applications to capture card swipe information. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to see the actual data encoded on a stripe and in inventory/logging applications to track cards which have been issued or deployed.

memoCardScribe captures information on tracks 1, 2 and/or 3 from a magnetic stripe, replace up to six delimiters characters in the data stream and appends a date/time stamp and stores the data in a memo of the Palm OS MemoPad application. Shown below is what a typical CardScribe record stored in the MemoPad looks like.
delimit_defaultCardScribe has a custom delimiter configuration feature which allows allows the data to delimiters normally found on the magnetic stripe to be ‘cleaned’ to facilitate proper importation to desktop applications like Microsoft Excel. Up to six different characters in the magnetic stripe data stream can be replaced with characters of your choosing.
Palmdesktop160_159Using the Hotsync function of the Palm Desktop application (free downoad available at means easy transfer of the data to programs like Microsoft Excel or Access. See the CardScribe user manual for details on data exporting.

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Note: The CardScribe updaters will overwrite existing installed CardTool reader application such as CardDB and CardVisor. Do not update your CardTool reader unless you intend to erase the existing application.

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