Nightlife Public Safety

Come together and protect your community by considering nightlife public safety.

Nightlife Public Safety – Security

Are you concerned about the nightlife public safety of your community, specifically regarding nightlife? Here at TokenWorks we have the ultimate package for your entertainment district that will greatly increase the security and comfort levels for your customers. With a nightlife ID scanner, you can take one more step in protecting the community.

Whether it’s troublemakers with bad behaviors or underage people with fake IDs, TokenWorks is dedicated to keeping nightlife in towns and cities fun and safe.

If you’re a member of the community board looking to address this topic, you’ve come to the right page.

Going out should be fun. And safe.

Nightlife entails a specific set of clientele: 21+ people, usually in small groups, that are most likely going to consume alcohol. While going out should be fun; it should also be safe.

A majority of people love to spend time with friends and enjoy the local nightlife in their town or city. Have a few drinks, enjoy some appetizers, go dancing, etc. People work hard and deserve these good times.

As a bar or restaurant owner, not only should you want to provide your local community with a great night out but you should be able to provide protection and safety.

Unfortunately, with all good things comes some bad – bar fights, excessive drinking, harrassment, and disorderly conduct.

Take control over these problems and protect your communty with TokenWorks ID scanners and cloud network.

Nightlife public safety includes people celebrating with alcoholic drinks in bar.
Security bouncer for bar adds to nightlife public safety

Recognize the Issues

  • Does your town or city have a designated entertainment district?

  • Is excessive drinking creating problems in the area?

  • Are troublemakers starting fights and putting others in danger?

  • Are underage youth using fake IDs to get into bars?

The reality is all bars and restaurants are at risk to these issues. It’s time for entertainment districts and other popular areas in towns/cities to up their security.

Violent fight breaking out in bar is a big issue for nightlife public safety

Ban Troublemakers

Did someone start a fight in your bar? Get too intoxicated and harrass someone? Make others uncomfortable? Ban them and keep them out using our scanned ID database.

Superbad's McLovin using his fake ID - nightlife public safety

Stop Fake IDs

Avoid the risk of citations and being shut down for fake IDs by stopping them right at the door with IDentiFake, our fake ID scanner.

Crowd of people in downtown bar district - nightlife public safety

Know Your Customers

By scanning IDs through a networked series of ID scanners, scanned ID data can be accessed for law enforcement purposes after an incident.

Our ID Scanners

IDentiFake - Fake ID Detection Scanner

With over 40 forensic checks, fake IDs don’t have a chance against IDentiFake. Essential for entrances to venues.

IDVisor Smart - Age Verification ID Scanner

Handheld, fast, and rugged – the perfect ID scanner for any server on the move.

IDVisor Sync - Cloud Network Database

Easily keep track of all scanned data from your fleet of scanners with IDVisor Sync.

The Safety Zone


By equipping your local bars and restaurants with a fleet of TokenWorks ID scanners, all under one cloud network, you’re providing the community with a zone of safety, security, and comfort when they want to go out for a night on the town with friends.

If a troublemaker causes issues in the Safety Zone, he or she will be found out and can be subsequently banned from coming into any venue the next time their ID is scanned.

Every networked TokenWorks scanner will be notified of this ban, thus ensuring precise communication between all bars within the Safety Zone.

TokenWorks ID Scanner Safety Zone Map Diagram - goal for nightlife public safety

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