ID Scanner Coverage Chart

United States Canada

Drivers License Machine Readable Technologies for U.S. Jurisdictions (June 2019)

US Coverage Chart Placeholder
US Coverage Chart

2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe, 2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe, 2D Barcode, Radio Frequency 2D Barcode, Radio Frequency
Jurisdiction Magnetic Stripe 2D Barcode Radio Frequency Notes
Alabama  Yes Yes  Mag Added June 2005
Alaska Yes
Arizona Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes
California Yes Yes  2D Added 2009
Colorado Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes
Delaware Yes
District of Columbia Yes
Florida Yes  2D Added 2004 – Mag Stripe Removed by 8/1/2019
Georgia Yes  Encrypted Prior 11/2009
Hawaii Yes
Idaho Yes
Illinois Yes  Encrypted Prior 6/2013 – TokenWorks Can Decrypt pre 6/13
Indiana Yes
Iowa Yes 2D Barcode (Removed Magnetic Stripe in 2010)
Kansas Yes Yes  2D Added May 2004
Kentucky Yes
Louisiana Yes Yes
Maine Yes
Maryland Yes  2D Added and Mag Removed in 2004
Massachusetts Yes
Michigan Yes Yes Yes** 2D Added 3/2011 – Mag Stripe has only 3 fields – DOB, Expiration, DL Number.  2D has all fields.
Military IDs – Both Dependent/Retired and CAC Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes 2D added in 2004 and had only full name, DOB, DL Number until upgraded in 8/2018.   Mag has all fields.  RF EDL added 2/2014.
Mississippi Yes Yes
Missouri Yes
Montana Yes  2008 Switched from Mag to 2D
Nebraska Yes
Nevada Yes
New Hampshire Yes Yes  2D added in May 2008
New Jersey Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes  2D added in 2008
New York Yes Yes**
North Carolina Yes  Pre 2007 Encrypted – TokenWorks has Decryption Algorithm
North Dakota Yes
Ohio Yes Yes  Added 2D Barcode 4/2009
Oklahoma Yes
Oregon Yes
Pennsylvania Yes  Removed Magnetic Stripe as of June 17th 2017
Rhode Island Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes
South Dakota Yes
Tennessee Yes
Texas Yes Yes  Added 2D barcode April 2009
Utah Yes
Vermont Yes Yes Yes**
Virginia Yes
Washington Yes Yes**
West Virginia Yes
Wisconsin Yes  Switched from Mag to Barcode in Sept. 2005
Wyoming Yes
U.S. Dept. of State Yes
Totals: 16 53 4

* Found only on older versions. ** Enhanced DL/ID only. Canada

Technologies for Canadian Jurisdictions (Aug 2018)

Canada Coverage Chart Placeholder
Canada Coverage Chart

2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe, 2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe, 2D Barcode, Radio Frequency 2D Barcode, Radio Frequency
Jurisdiction None Magnetic Stripe 2D Barcode Radio Frequency Notes
Alberta Yes  Partially Encrypted Prior 2007
British Columbia Yes Yes Yes*  2D Barcode Added 2/2009
Manitoba Yes Yes*  2D Barcode from 2008
New Brunswick Yes
Newfoundland Yes
Northwest Territories Yes
Nova Scotia Yes  2D Barcode from 2006
Nunavut Yes
Ontario Yes Yes Yes*  2D Barcode from 2007
Prince Edward Island Yes
Quebec Yes Yes*  2D Barcode from 2009
Saskatchewan Yes
Yukon Territory  Yes  New License in 2010
Totals: 2 13 4


Many states have recently begun issuing licenses with 2D bar codes. In some states they are adding a 2D bar code to a license which has a magnetic stripe and in others states the license did not have a magnetic stripe. States take 4 – 6 years to fully convert all licenses to the new formats, with the youngest drivers getting the new format.

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