I-9 Fake ID Scanner

Verify and authenticate ID documents for I-9 forms.


With an I-9 fake ID scanner, your business can easily detect fake driver licenses from unauthorized workers. Verify employees and stop fraud with an ID scanner!

i9 form employee verification

A big problem: unauthorized workers with fake documents.

Unfortunately, there are many unauthorized workers putting your business at risk to fines and shutdowns if they fill out I-9 forms and begin working for you. Anything from fake driver licenses to fake passports can be used to go undetected.

The best way to remain I-9 compliant and IMAGE compliant (certification process handled by ICE) is by taking extra precautions and adding verification tools to your employment process.

Checking the interviewee’s driver’s license during the interview is a vital step in verifying identity. But how do you verify driver licenses with confidence?

It’s very easy to buy a high-quality fake ID online – ones that are indistinguishable from the real things. This fraudulent identification even utilizes advanced security features like hidden UV imagery and holograms. To the naked eye, there is no way to definitively come to the conclusion that the card is authentic or fake unless you scan the card with a forensic ID scanner, the best way to stop counterfeit identity documents.

Taking extra precautions in your Form I-9 practices and procedures and being prepared for an audit is extremely important.

I-9 audits have increased by 400% since 2018. Take a look at the 2019 statistics below.

FY2019 Audit Statistics

(via Lawlogix.com)

  • 6,812: the number of new worksite investigations
  • 6,456: the number of Form I-9 inspections
  • 2,675: the total number of arrests resulting from I-9 inspections (2,048 administrative arrests and 627 criminal arrests)
  • $14,300,000: judicial fines, forfeitures, and restitutions against employers in violation of I-9 requirements

To make your employee verification process safer and more reliable, you’ll need to implement tools to help stop fake IDs.

i9 form binders

Manage I-9 data easier by going paperless while detecting fake ID documentation.


Securely store I-9 forms using IDentiFake’s database, as well as check for fake IDs. Managing tons of paperwork in messy binders is a huge headache and worst of all – paperwork can easily go missing.

Create the perfect archive of I-9 paperwork by storing digital backups. Need to look up I-9 paperwork for a particular employee hired long ago? Don’t dig through paperwork; just look it up in IDentiFake digital database.


Thousands of dollars in fines per incident

Fines ranging from $224 to $22,363 per violation.


The choice is easy.

The ultimate tool for screening prospective employees.

Our HR fake ID scanner IDentiFake is the answer to detecting and stopping high-quality fake IDs.

It compares the scanned ID against a document library of authentic IDs and passports, performing over 50 forensic checks.

Let IDentiFake help you avoid I-9 violations and make the employee verification process safer. Stop guessing and know your employee by scanning their IDs.

i9 fake id detection

Watch the video below to learn more about IDentiFake.

i9 fake id scanner

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