Car Dealership ID Scanners

Don’t become a cautionary tale or end up in the news for car theft or fraud over a fake ID.

Prevent car theft and fraud by implementing a car dealership ID scanner.

Implement IDentiFake.

Stop Fake IDs and Prevent Fraud at your Car Dealership

Fake ID scanners are auto dealerships’ best line of defense against identity fraud because they perform multiple forensic checks to ensure the authenticity of IDs. In addition to using a forensic ID scanner to prevent fraud and theft by verifying an ID, maintain a detailed Customer Relations Management system to keep track of your customers who are in the process of purchasing a vehicle or taking one out for a test drive.

The accurate data from the CRM system can also help you market to customers effectively and efficiently. In addition to scanning an ID, you can also manually enter in driver’s license information and create customer profiles to stay organized.

To ensure that your staff is informed and practices due diligence, use Tagging to notify the user if the owner of the ID is banned or a repeat client. In order to provide an extra layer of security, you can also take a photo of the ID and customer.  Note: In Illinois, Clients are advised to comply with IL Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

News: Fake IDs at Dealerships

Here are various articles demonstrating what can happen to dealerships that encounter fake IDs without the protection of IDentiFake, our most advanced fake ID detection scanner.

Spoiler alert: it leads to fraud and a bunch of legal headaches.

Your dealership could avoid becoming a cautionary tale in the news by implementing IDentiFake.

Introducing our Best-in-Class solution: The IDentiFake system from TokenWorks


Fake ID Scanner

  • Over 50 forensic checks
  • Compares against a document library of over 5000 authentic IDs and passports
  • Detects the highest quality fakes available – ones visibily indistinguishable from authentic IDs
  • Easily track clients, test drives, and when clients come by your dealership
Fake ID Scanner for Car Dealerships GIF Example

Fast & Accurate Transactions

Nobody wants to fill out manual paperwork. Scan data right into CRM quickly & accurately, within seconds.

Detect Fake IDs

Prevent fraud & auto theft by verifying the authenticity of an ID. 

Marketing & Research

With the ability for accurate scanned data to be automatically entered into your CRM, you’ll know how to market to your customers better than ever.

Stop Theft & Fraud

High-quality fake IDs are indistinguishable from the real thing. Your salespeople will simply not be able to tell the difference just by looking at it.

A potential customer could show up with an ID, ask for a test drive, and then disappear with the car. When you file the report and police look into it, they’ll discover the ID info wasn’t real and that’s it – it’s over.

In the same situation with IDentiFake, you’ll scan the ID and stop the theft before the keys are even put in the ignition.


Seal the Deal Quicker

Manual paperwork is the last thing you and a customer want to sit through. It takes too long and could be inaccurate.

By scanning their ID with IDentiFake, automatically fill forms and move the transaction along quicker and smoother. And best of all – with total accuracy!


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Fake IDs can help criminals steal cars and commit fraud at your car dealership business. You can prevent that with confidence using our age and customer validation solutions from TokenWorks. Please fill out the form on the right or call us directly M-F 9-5 EST at 914-704-3100

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