Car Dealership ID Scanners

Don’t become a cautionary tale or end up in the news for car theft or fraud over a fake ID.

Prevent car theft and fraud by implementing a car dealership ID scanner.

Implement IDentiFake.


Fake ID Scanner

  • Over 50 forensic checks
  • Compares against a document library of over 5000 authentic IDs and passports
  • Detects the highest quality fakes available – ones visibily indistinguishable from authentic IDs
  • Easily track clients, test drives, and when clients come by your dealership

Fast & Accurate Transactions

Nobody wants to fill out manual paperwork. Scan data right into CRM quickly & accurately, within seconds.

Detect Fake IDs

Prevent fraud & auto theft by verifying the authenticity of an ID. 

Marketing & Research

With accurate scanned data from you CRM, you’ll know how to marketing to customers more better than ever.

ID Scanner Features

At TokenWorks, our ID scanners offer a wide variety of solutions in addition to age verification, fake ID detection, and automatic form filling. Explore our additional features below and click one to learn more about it.

Click a feature below!


Stop Theft & Fraud

High-quality fake IDs are indistinguishable from the real thing. Your salespeople will simply not be able to tell the difference just by looking at it.

A potential customer could show up with an ID, ask for a test drive, and then disappear with the car. When you file the report and police look into it, they’ll discover the ID info wasn’t real and that’s it – it’s over.

In the same situation with IDentiFake, you’ll scan the ID and stop the theft before the keys are even put in the ignition.


Seal the Deal Quicker

Manual paperwork is the last thing you and a customer want to sit through. It takes too long and could be inaccurate.

By scanning their ID with IDentiFake, automatically fill forms and move the transaction along quicker and smoother. And best of all – with total accuracy!


News: Fake IDs at Dealerships

Here are various articles displaying what happens to dealerships that encounter fake IDs without IDentiFake, our fake ID detection scanner.

Spoiler alert: fraud and a bunch of legal headache.

Your dealership could avoid becoming a cautionary tale in the news by implementing IDentiFake.

Fraudster used fake ID to buy new F-150


If you can’t access the original article, a PDF copy is available here.

Man used fake ID to buy Porsche at Dallas dealership


If you can’t access the original article, a PDF copy is available here.

Man Used Fake ID To Try To Buy $135K Bentley At Long Island Dealership


If you can’t access the original article, a PDF copy is available here.


thieves with fake ID stealing from car dealership caught on security camera

Thieves use fake IDs, checks to steal truck from dealership


If you can’t access the original article, a PDF copy is available here.


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Fake IDs can help criminals steal cars and commit fraud at your car dealership business. You can prevent that with confidence using our age and customer validation solutions from TokenWorks. Please fill out the form on the right or call us directly M-F 9-5 EST at 914-704-3100

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