This is a discontinued product.

The DigiSwipe reader plugs into the standard CompactFlash slot found on dozens of Pocket PC based PDAs and hundreds of laptop/tablet computers (via a simple CFIIPMCIA adapter). Thus it is not tied to a particular PDA’s production life cycle, a real plus given how rapidly PDA manufactures revise their product offerings. Derived from TokenWorks’ years of experience with the CardTool® magnetic card reader, the DigiSwipe magnetic card reader takes a tradition of accuracy and reliability to the next level. We know what it takes to successfully decode cards on mobile platforms on the first swipe! The DigiSwipe has raised the bar by incorporating the latest magnetic decode technology to compensates for damaged cards plus innovative ergonomic elements to limit card tilt/skew during a swipe.

digiswipeThe DigiSwipe Magnetic Card Reader uses the default drivers from most operating system; that’s Windows95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, CE, PocketPC, Windows Mobile 5, plus MacOS. It even works with DOS drivers from companies like SystemSoft and Award. No special VxDs, WDMs, or SYS drivers. Since it uses standard O.S. Drivers, the DigiSwipe reader works with the multiple versions of various hardware architectures found in popular mobile computers. In fact, it’ll configure as a COM port and so many existing application software will work unaltered.

The Type II interface was selected over the Type I interface for several reasons. It provides more mechanical support for the magnetic card reader mechanism and thus lessens the amount of play or ‘jiggle’ when plugged into a CompactFlash Type II slot which is what almost all PocketPCs with CompactFlash slots have.

The DigiSwipe’s built in microcontroller stores a the unit’s serial number, configuration and application data. The configuration parameters control which tracks are decoded, start/end transmission bytes, RAW data mode, and baud rate. A client programmable 16 byte storage area is provided for items such as a software registration numbers, thus providing a means to ‘bind’ an application to a particular reader for security and/or copy protection purposes.

The reader ships reader documentation and a PocketPC application which captures decoded magnetic stripe data from the DigiSwipe reader and pushes it into the active application window such an Mobile Excel, Word or any application that accepts keyboard input. An ID card attendance application is possible with this program and Excel to log the card data.

The C# source code (Visual Studio 2003, VS2005) is included in the System Development Kit. If you’ve been looking for a low cost, handheld magnetic card transaction processing platform, look no further. Start developing your application today!


  • Three Track, bi-direction magnetic card reader
  • Plugs into CompactFlash Type II Slot on PocketPC PDAs and PCCard slot on Laptops/Tablets with CompactFlash Type II adapter.
  • Works with many PocketPC, WinCE, Laptops, and Tablet computers
  • Uses built-in standard serial port drivers in DOS, Windows95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, CE / Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5, MacOS – Just plug it in and a new com port is installed.
  • Extra Long card slot helps prevent mis-swipes due to card tilt at the ends of the swipe.
  • High sensitivity read mechanism compensates for damaged cards.
  • Programmable Track Configuration, Communication Protocol & Registration Numbers stored in reader memory – Allows developers to store registration codes directly in reader.
  • No external batteries required – powered from CompactFlash slot.
  • Stainless Steel Wear plate covers entire slot to prevents card edge wear grooves.
  • Innovative mechanical design allows PDA Stylus access and accommodates External Antenna.
  • Secondary Collapsible Stylus with ink pen included.
  • RAW data mode output for custom decode applications.
  • Optional custom magnetic Decoding Algorithms and Security Management features
  • Low power design

Tested Compatible PocketPC PDAs

Below is a partial list of PocketPC PDAs which DigiSwipe has been tested with. Because the DigiSwipe becomes a new serial port in the PocketPC, it will work in any PocketPC or Windows CE device with a Type II Compact Flash Slot. The only known issue was with early versions of Windows Mobile 5 devices with bugs in the Windows Mobile 5 code. Early versions of Windows Mobile 5 code had several bugs in the code which controlled the CompactFlash slot. Dell issued updates in March of 2006 to address these issues. Customers with early versions of Windows Mobile 5 operating systems should update to the latest version. Dell has a free update for AXIM X51 devices – See Dell Windows Mobile 5 update.

Device Operating System Com Port Comments
HP ipaq 4700 Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) (via upgrade) 6 Tested
HP ipaq 4700 PocketPC 2003 6 Tested
Dell AXIM X50 PocketPC 2003 4 Tested
Dell AXIM X51 Windows Mobile 5 4 Must be latest ROM  version of WM5 – Original Versions of WM5 had bugs. – See Dell Site
Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC 2002 & 2003 5 Test
HPx 2000 Pocket PC 2003 4 Tested
HP iPAQ hx2795 Windows Mobile 5 6 tested 6/21/07
HP iPAQ hx2495 Windows Mobile 5  6
HP iPAQ 211 Windows Mobile® 6 Classic Edition 1 texted 3/2009
need  DigiSwipe version 1.5 released 3/09
HP iPAQ 210 Windows Mobile® 6 Classic Edition 1 Tested 7/2008
Asus 730 Windows 2003 2nd. Ed 8 Tested
Asus 716 Windows PocketPC 2003 8 Tested
Socket Mobile 650 Windows Mobile 5 2 Tested 4/17/09
need DigiSwipe version 1.5  released 3/09


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