COVID-19 Virus Response

Implement contact tracing, verify age or auto-populate forms with zero contact, track occupancy, & limit occupancy by zip code.


Explore our solutions below to learn more about ID scanning while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We know that now more than ever it’s vital to practice social distancing and to remain at least 6 ft. away from each other.

Many businesses, like dispensaries and convenience stores, are open and still need to verify age for their customers. Other businesses, like banks and hotels, also need solutions to implement zero contact with customers when filling out forms and handling their driver licenses. TokenWorks is here to offer a solution to help achieve these goals.


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The first ID scanner to implement social distancing and contactless age verification.

Features include occupancy tracking, visit count, and contact tracing.


AgeVisor Contactless No Contact ID Scanner with multiple set-ups for 6 ft. social distancing and contactless scanning

Age Verification

To comply with no-contact rules, we offer our ID Scanner AgeVisor Contactless to verify age without ever touching the driver’s license.

Auto-Populate Forms

For automatic data capture and form filling, the IDWedgeKB is also ideal for consumer activated ID scanning with a 6-foot USB cord. Plus it’s also considered “safe” by IT departments because there is absolutely no software to install on a PC/Mac/Linux computer. IDWedgeKB provides protection for physical as well as computer viruses.

Prepare for new occupancy rules and regulations.

As restaurants and bars slowly open in time, there will no doubt be new occupancy rules to reduce the resurgence and spread of COVID-19. While we still don’t know for sure what the exact rules will be, your business could be prepared to properly keep track of customer occupancy with an ID scanner by TokenWorks.

Easily keep track of occupancy by scanning IDs or manually adding as each person enters your business to stay compliant with social distancing rules.


  • Every time an ID is scanned, the total number of people on the screen will increase by 1.
  • Manually add or subtract occupancy counter without scanning an ID.
  • Easy-to-read and quickly reference.


Contact tracing for every customer scanned.

With the scan of an ID, automatically create a daily log of all customers and maintain it. The customer scan database built-in to the system allows for entering of telephone/email contact information.

This feature will be essential once businesses start opening again and generate the logs for any contact tracing that may occur.


AgeVisor Contactless

Zero Contact ID Scanner

AgeVisor Contactless provides retailers with new contactless and social distance configurations to safely implement occupancy count and contact tracing. Scan IDs without ever having to come in contact with a customer’s ID.

  •  Social Distance ID Scanning: Separate the scanner from the touch-screen 6 ft. apart to easily practice social distancing.


  • Contactless ID Scanning: Enables customers to never come in contact with merchants by scanning their own IDs.
  • Scans multiple ID documents: Including driver’s licenses, passports, mobile/digital driver’s licenses (Colorado’s myColorado Digital ID).


ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network

Cloud Networking - IDVisor Sync

Multiple scanners under one network. Manage data from all of your devices with ease using IDVisor Sync.

What information is stored on IDVisor Sync?

  • Scan data of all networked scanners
  • All VIP / Banned / Membership data - Real-time shared lists from all scanners
  • Anti-Passback data - Real-time notifications of re-scanned IDs
  • Photos - Shared and accessible among all networked scanners
  • Demographic Reports -  gender ratio, top zip codes, age breakdown, etc.
  • Daily Automated Reports - Reports via email

Sync Features

  • Collects real time data & photos from networked ID scanners in SQL database.
  • Central management of tagged (VIP/Banned) list.
  • Synchronize settings across all scanners via admin console.
  • Real time notification of rescanned IDs.
  • Review photos taken by all networked ID scanners.
  • Available as a subscription or software license.
  • Software subscription is optionally available on customer's Azure account or dedicated Windows server.
  • Developer API for data download to registered applications.
  • Automated Data Management - delete data on periodic basis.
  • Device Management - Rename and group scanners.
  • Data Download - Customer list / scan report by range.
  • Upload and manage tag list and customers via admin console.
  • SMS / emails triggered by scans on tagged list.
  • Permission-based access for different users.

Scanners function both on and offline

  • If internet connection goes down, scanners will continue to work offline.
  • New data is automatically sent to the cloud once connection is restored.

IDVisor Sync with API

Integrate our cloud-based networking software with your own web services.

  • Retrieve scanned customer data from Sync and apply it however you'd like.
  • Integrate Sync to automatically send scanned customer data to your web services.
  • Safe and secure, the data is protected in Sync.
ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network
Alcohol Delivery or Curbside Pickup

States Allowing Curbside Pick-Up / Delivery for Alcohol

Click the button below to see a list of states allowing pick-up and delivery for alcohol. As of 4/17/2020, 44 states offer this amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but more could be added soon.

IDVisor Smart V2

Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner


Simply tell the customer to hold their driver’s license barcode toward you and scan it – no-contact. Remain compliant while protecting yourself and others.

Features include:


  • Reads all 50 states
  • Easy-to-read icons for age
  • Point-and-shoot ID scanning
  • Audible alerts
  • Customer tagging (Banned/VIP)
  • High-resolution camera
  • Rugged & durable design


Automatic Data Capture ID Scanner

Zero Footprint – Just plug it into any USB port and it’s automatically recognized as a keyboard!

After setting up, place the IDWedgeKB in easy reach for customer’s to dip their driver’s license themselves without ever having to hand it over. Zero-contact with quick & accurate automatic form filling!

Features include:


  • Very easy to set-up – just plug it in via USB like a keyboard
  • Zero software or installation
  • Works with any application or any computer
  • 20 times faster than manual entry
  • Extracts and fills fields from driver licenses, debit/credit cards, membership cards, student IDs, etc.
  • User-defined formula with editing capabilities

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Practice social distancing while continuing to scan IDs for age verification and automatic data capture with ID scanner solutions from TokenWorks.

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