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New Driver’s License and Identification Card Design for Minnesota

New Minnesota Driver Licensse

Minnesota residents are getting a new design to their Driver’s License and Identification Card The Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division of the The Minnesota Department of Public Safety will begin issuing the redesigned driver’s license and ID cards on August 6, 2018.  Among the many new design features  is that people under 21 years of age…

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New Jersey Drivers License Swipe Law

New Jersey passed the Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act (S-1913) on July 21, 2017.New Jersey’s law generally aligns with about a third of other states that have such laws, limiting the purposes and type of information a retailer may scan and retain from identification cards and goes further in specifying data storage requirements and requiring notification…

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ID Scanner Privacy Laws in Canada

Canada has tougher privacy laws than the US and ID Scanners are legal if used in the following manner.   The Canadian federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act says “The identified purposes should be specified at or before the time of collection to the individual from whom the personal information is collected…orally or in…

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See the New, More Secure Canadian Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

New Prince Edward Island Driver's License

Following the increased security measures numerous USA states have been implementing for their residents’ driver’s licenses and ID cards, the four Atlantic Canadian provinces are redesigning their driver’s licenses and ID cards to better protect their citizens from identity theft, fraud, and forgery. Starting in November, the new ID cards and driver’s licenses, to be…

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REAL ID Compliance In Effect for Michigan’s Driver’s License Design

REAL ID-compliant Michigan Driver's License

To accommodate the REAL ID requirements put into effect October 1, 2020, Michigan residents are being issued new, REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and state IDs. The new Michigan driver’s license and state ID cards feature a star in the upper corner, easily identifying them as REAL ID compliant: Current license holders are not required to…

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IDWedgeKB USB Serial Connection with Linux Ubunto Raspberry Pi

How to connection IDWedgeKB using USB Serial CDC driver to Linux Operating system IDWedgeKB is a drivers license scanner with embedded drivers license parsing that interfaces to a computer as a USB Keyboard or USB Serial port. This post details how to connect from Linux to the IDWedgeKB when it’s setup as a serial device…

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New Hampshire Privacy Law

  New Hampshire law seems to allow Pawnbrokers to use ID Scanners, but all others need authorization from the department of motor vehicles.   See section X below.   If anyone is aware of another regulation which grants authorization to those selling age sensitive products, please coment below. Also seems if one can prove due…

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Arizona Affirmative Defense

ID Scanner Records Identification Information 4-241 A.R.S. §4-241: Selling or giving liquor to underage person: illegally obtaining liquor by underage person: violation: classification: definitions If a licensee, an employee of the licensee or any other person questions or has reason to question that the person ordering, purchasing, attempting to purchase or otherwise procuring or attempting…

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Utah ID Scanner Law

Utah Mandates and Regulates use of ID Scanners in Clubs In March of 2010, Utah was the first state to mandate the use of ID Scanners. Utah Club Liquor License Summary The DABC does not provide a list of approved scanners. ID scanners (electronic age verification devices) are available from multiple manufacturers and vendors. An…

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