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Link your ID Scanners through IDVisor Sync via the cloud
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The most advanced ID scanner networking solution available.

Does your business have the need to deploy ID verification scanners at multiple points of presence, either within your multi-entry venue or across multiple locations? If so, IDVisor Sync will be an important plus-up to your overall TokenWorks ID scanner solution.

IDVisor Sync provides networking software and host management services for ID Scanners that scan drivers licenses at various entry point or separate venues to verify customer age, update visitor history and authorize entry across your entire footprint.  We’ve developed the sync technology and provide network host management services to help clients manage their network of handheld and desktop ID scanners.

IDVisor Sync – Networking Cloud Database Solution for Tokenworks ID Scanners

What information is saved on the cloud database?

  • Scan data of all networked scanners
  • All VIP/Banned/Membership data – Real time shared banned lists
  • Anti-Passback data – Real time notifications of re-scanned IDs
  • Photos – Shared and accessible among all devices. Not just the device that took the image.

Scanners function both on and off-line

  • If internet connection goes down, scanners will continue to work offline.
  • New data is automatically sent to the cloud once connection is restored.

IDVisor Sync Admin Console – Back-end Management Software – Included for no additional cost

  • View/Manage all scan data from one PC
  • View/Manage all Banned/VIP/Membership data
  • View Demographic data (Male/Female, Age Ranges)


  • PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10, with .Net 4 or higher
  • Internet Connection (Wi-Fi or Local connection depending on device)


  • Annual subscription required: Please contact us for pricing.
  • Software licensing available for enterprise-scale implementations: Call 1-800-574-5034 and ask us all about it.

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Large operations with multiple entrances, locations and a variety of ID scanning requirements will love the power of IDVisor Sync. Talk to us today about how to take advantage of this powerful cloud network resource.

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