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Protect your cannabis license and prevent underage sales with a dispensary ID scanner.

We develop the most advanced ID Scanners and fake ID solutions for the cannabis industry.

By purchasing a dispensary ID scanner, you’re taking a crucial step in protecting your business from fake IDs and fraud, while also implementing a convenient way to automatically fill out forms.

We’ve been developing ID verification products and systems since 2002. We have one of the most advanced and sought after ID verification technology packages available, built on the best ID Scanners for cannabis dispensaries in the industry. No matter the size or complexity of your organization, IDscanner.com from TokenWorks has a solution that we will customize for your unique individual business needs.

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Stop fake IDs before they become a problem with a forensic ID scanner. Over 50 forensic checks, high-quality easy-to-use touchscreen, and compatible with our cloud networking service, IDVisor Sync.

IDentiFake and IDentiFake Plus Fake ID Detection Scanners

News: Fake IDs at Dispensaries

Here are various articles demonstrating what can happen to dispensaries that encounter fake IDs without the protection of IDentiFake, our most advanced fake ID detection scanner.

Spoiler alert: it leads to fraud, loss of license or even personal freedom, and a bunch of legal headaches.

Your dispensary can avoid becoming a cautionary tale in the news by implementing IDentiFake today.

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Berkshire Roots Dispensary

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Check out the video below where we interview Berkshire Roots’s director of marketing & strategy, Bill Hewson, on why they love IDentiFake and how it’s made it easier for them to comply with cannabis laws in the state of Massachusetts.

More minors are using fake IDs to buy cannabis.

Need more proof? Click the article below to read about how Breckenridge, CO is being hit with about 100 fake IDs per year.

100 Minors Use Fake IDs Per Year in Breckenridge, Colorado Dispensaries

100 Minors Use Fake IDs Per Year in Breckenridge, Colorado Dispensaries

Considering how new the cannabis industry is, dispensaries do not seem to be fully prepared for the onslaught of fake IDs entering their establishments. Many dispensary owners are negligent about not only how many fake IDs are coming in, but at how advanced they are…. Read More

Cannabis Retail Depends on Age Verification

According to 2018 research undertaken by High Times magazine, there are now well over 1,000 recreational or “adult-use” marijuana retail locations across the nine states where adults age 21+ are legally allowed to purchase or possess cannabis (as of August 2018). Unlike medical marijuana dispensaries, these “adult-use” cannabis shops can not rely on state registries to protect them from non-approved customers buying their product illegally due to age restrictions.

Initially, the only option for businesses selling age restricted items was to visually inspect a customer’s driver license or other form of ID to verify the person was of age, the ID was indeed theirs and was not a fake. Today, relying on an electronic ID scanner provides immediate protection from the most common cause of admitting, serving, or selling to underage customers – employees misreading the ID.  And of course, minors know this, so just seeing that an ID scanner is being used is often enough of a deterrent.

Yet fake IDs have become of increasing high quality.  Today, fake driver licenses can be bought through the Internet for as little as $100 from expert counterfeiters in China and elsewhere.  Some studies show that up to 30% of college students have or have used a fake ID.  And many of these high quality fakes are visually indistinguishable from a real card to an untrained eye and even a trained eye can be fooled.

Dispensary Age Verification Sign

Introducing Marijuana Retailer ID Scanner Solutions From TokenWorks

AgeVisor Touch®

A self-contained stationary countertop age verification ID scanner solution with networking and database storage capabilities available.

AgeVisor Touch Age Verification ID Scanner

Designed with counter space in mind.

The AgeVisor Touch is designed for countertop use. That’s because our ID scanner is large enough to clearly display important information yet its 7×7 inch frame won’t clutter your work space. Therefore, the AgeVisor Touch is ideal for adult-use cannabis shops looking to prevent improper ID usage, while helping to establish and build customer relationships.

The AgeVisor Touch easily reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and Military IDs. It provides a fast, secure, reliable, easy-to-use and durable solution for any business needing ID verification.


State of the Art ID validation with advanced ID imaging evaluation with over 50 Forensic checks made in seconds.

IDentiFake and IDentiFake Plus Fake ID Scanners

Forensic Scanning means confidence

Forensic ID scanners look deeper into driver licenses, state ID cards and other US and international identification documents.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 mandated by Homeland Security includes numerous enhanced security features for US driver licenses and state ID cards making them harder to exactly replicate or modify.  While a fake ID may appear authentic to the naked eye, high resolution forensic scanners will detect that it is a fake because they detect the presence of these security features.

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