Location Checking

Prevent cities, states, or zipcodes from entering your business.

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Limit usage of your services to residents only.

For businesses like recycling facilities, services are usually reserved for local residents only. However, the rule alone isn’t enough to stop outside visitors from attempting to use your services.

By uploading a list of valid addresses, cities, zipcodes, or states you can keep track of who is allowed and who isn’t with relative ease when scanning IDs.

When an ID is scanned, the location will be marked as “Good Location” or “Bad Location” along with a companion icon, making it very easy to keep track of.

This feature is also helpful as a COVID-19 prevention solution to keep your business open to locals only, for the time being.


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Link and sync all of your scanners via the cloud.

If your business has multiple entrances and scanners, we recommend implementing IDVisor Sync, our cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database.

Consolidate all scanned data in one convenient place via the cloud.

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