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Legacy Products

These products are either no longer in production or only available for existing customers interested in support.


The CardTool reader module provides the ability to read magstripe cards and manage the card data with the computational power of the Visor handheld computer. The Visor handheld provides the perfect platform for managing the data from cards. The Springboard expansion slot provides the data paths to communicate with the module and also powers the module. No external batteries are required. The HotSync® docking cradle allows the CardTool reader module to rapidly synchronize its database with a desktop computer via the USB port or Serial port.

CardScribe® – ID Card Attendance Application

CardScribe® is a free application that TokenWorks supplies for the CardTool® card reader. It is typically used to in time and attendance applications to capture card swipe information. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to see the actual data encoded on a stripe and in inventory/logging applications to track cards which have been issued or deployed.


The DigiSwipe reader plugs into the standard CompactFlash slot found on dozens of Pocket PC based PDAs and hundreds of laptop/tablet computers (via a simple CFIIPMCIA adapter). Thus it is not tied to a particular PDA’s production life cycle, a real plus given how rapidly PDA manufactures revise their product offerings. Derived from TokenWorks’ years of experience with the CardTool® magnetic card reader, the DigiSwipe magnetic card reader takes a tradition of accuracy and reliability to the next level.


IDSentry™ software is a visitor logging package based on our ID software. It rapidly captures name/address information from a drivers license/state issued ID or Military ID (CAC Card or Active Duty) and then allows an operator to enter additional information such as destination in the Note field. Two large buttons allow the operator to indicate whether the individual is entering or existing the venue/facility.

IDVisor Touch

The IDVisor® Touch ID Scanner is a rugged, handheld ID scanner that goes beyond verifying age and helps to manage customer relationships.