AgeVisor™ 2

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AgeVisor™ 2: Your Age Verification Solution is Here

C-stores, liquor stores, dispensaries – stop risking fines & frustrated customers with outdated ID checks.

AgeVisor™ 2 provides:

  • Blazing-fast, accurate scans of all IDs (DLs, Passports*, Military)
  • Intuitive touchscreen, PC-powered performance
  • Minimize risk, boost efficiency, & streamline your age verification process
  • Industry-leading warranty & dedicated support

Protect your business, delight customers, & save time.

Upgrade your age verification, upgrade your business.


Warranty Options

Product Description

AgeVisor 2 Hero Infographic

The AgeVisor™ 2 is ideal for convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, night clubs, vape shops, dispensaries, member clubs or any business checking customer age while building customer relationships. 

AgeVisor 2 scans all US and Canadian driver's license and military IDs

Driver’s Licenses

Skip the hassle, build loyalty. AgeVisor™ 2 instantly reads IDs from all 50 US states, Canada, and Military IDs. It’s fast, accurate, and:

  • Super Simple: Intuitive touch screen, no confusing manuals.
  • Speeds Up Service: Scan IDs in seconds, keep lines moving.
  • Keeps You Compliant: Reduces risk of underage sales, gives you peace of mind.

Focus on your customers, not age verification. AgeVisor™ 2 takes care of the rest.

Passports *

AgeVisor™ 2 goes beyond and also reads and captures information from passports, making it perfect for:

  • International travelers: Smoothly verify age and welcome them warmly
  • Border towns and tourist destinations: Offer efficient service, no matter the origin.
  • Businesses accepting foreign IDs: Ensure compliance with ease.
AgeVisor 2 scans passports
Barcode Detective

Barcode Detective™

For a limited time, AgeVisor™ 2 comes with a free subscription to Barcode Detective™ from ID Sentry® (typically ~$30/month).

Barcode Detective™ uses hidden data in barcodes to fight fake IDs. Advanced checks look for typos, jumbled info, misplaced data, and even secret codes.

Although not foolproof, Barcode Detective™ significantly improves the ID & Age Verification process. (WiFi connection required for use)

Capture ID Photos for Added Security *

Unlike previous generations of countertop ID scanners, AgeVisor™ 2 features a built-in high-resolution camera. This innovative feature allows you to:

  • Capture crystal-clear photos of IDs: Eliminate guesswork and ensure accurate documentation.
  • Store photos securely: Keep a digital record for compliance or future reference.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have clear records reduces liability concerns.

Large Touchscreen

  • Crystal-clear view: Ideal for all, especially for operators with reading challenges.
  • Durable design: No buttons to wear out, no digitizers to damage.
  • Themes for every space: Midnight (nightclubs), Green (dispensaries), Standard (retail).

Free Software Updates

AgeVisor™ 2 keeps you ahead of the curve with automatic, WiFi-based software updates, free of charge. No hidden fees, just the latest features and driver license support.

Challenge Questions

Unsure about an ID? Tap the age icon on AgeVisor™ 2 for 7 customizable challenge questions (zodiac, county, state trivia, etc.). Discreetly ask, verify, and decide with confidence. Extra security, reduced risk, smooth interactions – all in your hands.

Customer Tagging *

  • Effortless ID tagging with custom labels, descriptions, and expiration dates.
  • Manage loyalty, memberships programs with smart & personalized interactions.
anti-passback prevents customers from sharing an id

Anti-Passback *

Anti-PassBack software detects when an ID is re-scanned in a selected timeframe. Applications include detection of ID, wristbands / ink stamp transfers and exceeding purchase/consumption limits.

Occupancy Counter

Tracks total customers in attendance automatically and allows for manual entry.

Ensures your establishment doesn’t exceed maximum occupancy to adhere to local laws and keep your customers safe in case of an emergency.

Customer Relationship Management

An Advanced Customer Management System, Allowing you to:

  • Distinguish new or returning Clients
  • Tag VIP/Banned/Member Clients
  • Optionally Capture Email & Phone #’s
  • Enter Client Tag Notes

Visitor Loyalty Counter

The Visit Count tells the operator how many times a client has visited the business. This gives the operator valuable information like identifying new clients or a frequent visitor who perhaps is less of a security risk.

Export Scan Data

Easily Export customer and / or scan data to computers, USB drives, or over WIFI as Excel CSV files – No software to install

Advanced Device Privacy

The Advanced Privacy Features enable you to:

  • Remotely Lock or Erase your Device
  • Omit collecting certain sensitive data fields.
  • Manually or Auto Delete Data After Custom Number of days – comply with local ordinances.
  • Keep your Data safe with an Encrypted SQL Database.

IDVisor Sync

Optional IDVisor Sync upgrade provides networking software and host management services for ID Scanners that scan drivers licenses at various entry points or separate venues to verify customer age, update visitor history and authorize entry across your entire footprint.

AgeVisor 2 mounting options

Mounting Options

AgeVisor™ 2 can be mounted on a flat surface or wall, providing a mounting solution for every arrangement

* included with an optional upgrade

AgeVisor™ 2: Your Fast & Easy Age Verification Solution

Stop fines, lines, & frustrated customers with outdated ID checks.


  • Reads US & Canadian Driver's Licenses, Passports* and Military IDs instantly & accurately
  • Large touchscreen, PC-powered performance
  • Boost efficiency, build customer relationships & save time
  • Industry-leading warranty & dedicated support

Protect your business, delight customers, & grow profits. 

Upgrade your age verification, upgrade your business.

Key Features:

  • Reads all 2D barcodes & magnetic stripes (optional)
  • 7" intuitive touchscreen, voice & audible warnings
  • Saves 250,000+ scans & 100,000+ customers
  • Option to capture photos of IDs*
  • Export data to USB drive, no software needed
  • No monthly fees, free software updates & support
  • Integrated CRM: profiles, tagging & search
  • Kiosk mode for enhanced security
  • Rock-solid hardware, low power consumption
  • Built, assembled & supported in the USA

Perfect for:

  • C-Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Vape Shops
  • Dispensaries
  • Member Clubs

And more!

Contact us today and see the AgeVisor™ 2 difference!


Feature Benefit
Large & Easy-to-Read 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen • Easy to read for all, even older operators
• Durable design with no buttons or digitizers to damage
Different Screen Themes (Midnight, Green, Standard) • Optimized visibility for various environments (nightclubs, dispensaries, retail)
Fast Operation (1 Second per Scan/Swipe) • Saves time and keeps customers happy
Simple, Hands-Free Operation • No buttons to press, just scan/swipe licenses for automatic updates
Reads All Common IDs (50 US States, Canada, Military) • Full coverage for the most common IDs
Ruggedized Design (Aluminum Case) • Excellent durability and protection against damage
No Required Fees • No contracts, monthly fees, or set-up costs
• New software downloads via WiFi
30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty • Low-risk purchase with peace of mind
Multiple Mounting Options • Flexible placement for any scenario (Desktop, Stand, Wall)
• VESA Compatible


Feature Benefit
Simple Software Updates (WiFi) • No additional software or connection needed
Intuitive AgeThreshold Icons (Alcohol & Tobacco) • Visually highlight underage patrons
Audible Warnings • Alerts for underage, expired, tagged, rescanned, or birthday events
Customer Visit Counter • Recognize returning customers on the main screen
SQL Database • Enhanced reporting, customer management, and data protection
Data Storage • Store historical data for reference
• Up to 250,000+ Scans & 100,000+ Customers
Timestamped Scans • Improve sales understanding and synchronize with security footage
Adjustable Scan Counter • Accurately track venue occupancy
Email & Phone Capture • Build customer relationships effectively
Exportable Scan Records (USB) • Easily access and export customer data
Searchable Database • Find specific customers directly on the scanner
Auto-Delete or No Data Capture • Comply with data retention laws (delete after 1, 7, or 30 days, or store no data)
Kiosk Mode • Restricts staff access to data, settings, and exiting the software

Hardware Upgrades:

Feature Benefit
Magnetic Stripe Reader Optional add-on hardware that enables the AgeVisor 2 to read IDs with magnetic stripes in addition to barcodes

Software Upgrades:

Feature Benefit
Passport Reading • Efficient and effective scanning for international customers & border town locations
Photo Capture • Built in high-resolution camera can capture clear images of IDs for improved scan records
Tagging with Notes • Tag customers as VIP, Banned, or with custom tags allowing for appropriate actions to be taken the next time a customer visits
Import Tag Lists • Existing customer lists with tags can be easily uploaded for seamless AgeVisor 2 integration
Anti-Passback • Helps detect shared IDs being reused by multiple patrons by monitoring the frequency and time between scans


Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 4.9 in
Touch Screen

7 inch 1280*800 pixels IPS, Capacitive touch


2 Free USB ports on side, 1 HDMI port inside Aluminum Case, 1 RJ45 LAN port inside Aluminum case, 1 SD card slot inside Aluminum case, 1 Earphone jack 3.5mm


2 built-in speakers Right/Left


Bluetooth 4.0







Flash Drive



Intel Z3736F quad core 1.8 Ghz




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