Photo Capture

After scanning the driver’s license, capture the person’s photo and store it in the customer database along with the ID data.

Store up to two (2) photos with every scanned ID.

Capture both person's photo and front of ID for easy reference.

Complete a customer profile by adding a photo of their driver license and close-up of their face.

take photo with id scanner

Benefits of photo capture.

If security at your bar or club is having difficult scanning an ID or if they’re handed a passport or green card, then they can take a photo of the driver license instead. These photos prove due dilligence and can be reference later to determine an individual’s identity.

For equipment rental businesses, you can take a photo of the rented equipment to add to the customer profile for a very quick reference.

Photo capture is an essential addition to scanning IDs for industries like casinos, liquor stores, dispensaries, stadiums and events, car dealerships and car rental, vape shops, gun shops, convenience stores, pawn shops, and many more. It adds an extra layer of information to the database and helps keep your employees totally informed on keeping track of clients.

id scanner photo capture

Taking photos with IDVisor Smart V2 and Smart Plus ID scanners.

Along with name, address, date-of-birth, and the rest of the data that’s scanned from an ID, you can also take a photo of the customer using the ID scanner. With this feature, your CRM will be even more organized and secure.

This feature is very helpful for proving due dilligence as you can show that the person handing you the ID matched their ID photo.

As you can capture 2 photos per ID, we recommend taking a photo of the driver’s license itself as well as the person’s face.

Webcam gooseneck accessory for IDentiFake forensic ID scanner.

By adding an optional gooseneck with webcam attachment to your IDentiFake setup, you can capture photos of customers checking in with ease.

Capture photo of person standing across from you after scanning their ID.

Creates a complete record of every person scanned by adding a recent photo to the customer database.

forensic id scanner with webcam photo capture accessory
id scanner form filler and photo capture

Capture photo of front of driver’s license with M280 ID scanner for IDWedgePro.

Autopopulate forms instantly while capturing driver license image.

Captures photo of entire front of driver's license and close-up profile photo of driver's face.

Creates a complete record by attaching images as well as scanning driver's license data.

Link and sync all of your scanners and consolidate customer database.

For casinos with multiple entrances and scanners we recommend that you upgrade to IDVisor Sync, our  cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database..

tokenworks idvisor sync cloud network logo

ID scanners with photo capture:

  • M280 mag stripe and barcode ID scanner with photo capture

    IDWedgePro – Multi-Form Auto-Filler

  • IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus forensic ID scanners for fake ID detection

    IDentiFake® System

  • Sale! Smart Plus ID Scanner with IDs and Passports

    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

    Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $895.00.
  • M280-Front-1024×1024-copy-scaled

    IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

  • Sale! IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

    Original price was: $895.00.Current price is: $695.00.
  • agevisor contactless in contactless zero contact set-up to help stop the spread of coronavirus

    AgeVisor Contactless ID Scanner

  • IDVisor S50 id scanner with IDStand

    IDVisor® S50 with IDStand™ Bundle

  • IDVisor S50 Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

    IDVisor® S50


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