Pawn Shop ID Scanner

With a pawn shop ID scanner, your business can implement automatic form filling, fake ID detection, and customer relations management.

Pawn Shop Valuable Merchandise

Automatic Form Filling / Data Capture & Fake ID Detection Solutions for Pawn Shops

Your business deals with plenty of valuable merchandise, ranging from musical instruments and electronics to jewelery and sporting equipment. Maintaing proper records and knowing who’s coming in and out of your shop should be of the utmost importance. Here at TokenWorks, our ID scanner solutions will help you achieve this.

Explore our automatic form filling / data capture ID scanning solutions like IDWedgeKB. Or take a look at our crown jewel ID scanner for fake ID detection, IDentiFake.

We promise you won’t be disappointed, as you’ll quickly realize that our ID scanners will expedite your form filling process while maintaing accuracy and deter fake IDs, preventing fraud when making deals with customers.

Stop Fraud Now

A little suspicious of someone pawning something at your shop? Worried someone is using a stolen credit card or fake ID? Pawn shops are at risk of retail fraud – plain and simple.

By scanning IDs with IDentiFake, not only will you immediately learn whether or not their ID is fake, but their information will also be added to the IDentiFake’s customer database. If something does go wrong with a customer, even if the ID is real, you have their information handy to give to the police.

With IDentifake, which performs over 50 forensic checks against a document library of over 5000 authentic IDs and passports, your retail store can reliably detect Fake IDs as well.

Speed Up Form Filling


Don’t get stuck manually entering customer information and other data into your computer system, wasting mass amounts of time. With IDWedgePro, you can automatically fill multiple forms of any kind, including web-based forms.

Utilizing our IDFill technology, it automatically recognizes and populates forms in multiple PC applications, allowing different applications to share the same ID scanner. It works with any PC application that accepts keyboard input.

Quickly recover your investment costs with time saved:

  • Time saved per customer – 2 minutes
  • Customers per day – 60
  • Time saved per day – 120 minutes
  • Value of time – $50 per hour
  • Dollars saved per day – $100
IDWedgePro pays for itself in as little as 9 days!


Pawn Shop ID Scanners

Explore IDentiFake and IDWedgePro –  our range of pawn shop ID scanners.

  • Home-Screen-With-Data-1024

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

  • M280 mag stripe and barcode ID scanner with photo capture

    IDWedgePro – Multi-Form Auto-Filler

  • IDWedgePro data entry ID scanner automatic form filler

    IDWedgePro Software – Multi Form AutoFiller


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