Age Verification

Whether you’re a cannabis shop or a nightclub, our ID scanners will help you verify age and stop underage patrons

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Mobile Scanners

For security or servers on the move, IDVisor Smart & IDVisor Smart Plus ensure easy & quick scanning

IDVisor Smart

  • Rugged & compact
  • Touch screen
  • Quickly scans IDs
  • Compatible with Sync

IDVisor Smart Plus

  • Rugged & compact
  • Large touch screen
  • Passport scanning (optional)
  • Compatible with Sync

Stationary Scanners

Perfect for bartenders & point-of-sale

AgeVisor Touch

  • Stationary: perfect for point-of-sale or bartenders
  • Reads 2D barcodes and (optional) magnetic stripe
  • Quickly scans IDs
  • Compatible with Sync
AgeVisor POS Point of Sale ID Scanner Software

AgeVisor POS

Want to add the AgeVisor ID scanner to your Windows-based POS? We can help you with that.

AgeVisor Contactless

With contactless and social distancing configurations, scan IDs safely and quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fake ID Detection

Fake IDs don’t stand a chance with IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus

IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus

  • Ideal for main entraces, cashier windows, & other high risk locations
  • Detects fake IDs: domestic & international – over 6000 documents
  • Add our Passport Scanner to scan passports from over 190 countries
  • Compatible with Sync

IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

Maintain customer information simply & easily

IDVisor Sentry is a Windows-based customer management system wth age verification and membership management. Sentry makes it simple and easy to capture and maintain detailed customer information.

ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network

Cloud Networking - IDVisor Sync

Multiple scanners under one network. Manage data from all of your devices with ease using IDVisor Sync.

What information is stored on IDVisor Sync?

  • Scan data of all networked scanners
  • All VIP / Banned / Membership data - Real-time shared lists from all scanners
  • Anti-Passback data - Real-time notifications of re-scanned IDs
  • Photos - Shared and accessible among all networked scanners
  • Demographic Reports -  gender ratio, top zip codes, age breakdown, etc.
  • Daily Automated Reports - Reports via email

Sync Features

  • Collects real time data & photos from networked ID scanners in SQL database.
  • Central management of tagged (VIP/Banned) list.
  • Synchronize settings across all scanners via admin console.
  • Real time notification of rescanned IDs.
  • Review photos taken by all networked ID scanners.
  • Available as a subscription or software license.
  • Software subscription is optionally available on customer's Azure account or dedicated Windows server.
  • Developer API for data download to registered applications.
  • Automated Data Management - delete data on periodic basis.
  • Device Management - Rename and group scanners.
  • Data Download - Customer list / scan report by range.
  • Upload and manage tag list and customers via admin console.
  • SMS / emails triggered by scans on tagged list.
  • Permission-based access for different users.

Scanners function both on and offline

  • If internet connection goes down, scanners will continue to work offline.
  • New data is automatically sent to the cloud once connection is restored.

IDVisor Sync with API

Integrate our cloud-based networking software with your own web services.

  • Retrieve scanned customer data from Sync and apply it however you'd like.
  • Integrate Sync to automatically send scanned customer data to your web services.
  • Safe and secure, the data is protected in Sync.
ID Scanner Cloud-Based Network

Here's 3 Reasons Why TokenWorks is Awesome

Free US Technical Support

Free Technical Support by US based engineers. No overseas call centers. And you speak with the Developer, not a reseller. TokenWorks Supports its products from the same offices that Designs, Develops and Fulfills order here in New York. Support hours are M-F 9-5 EST.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All TokenWorks products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All products include 14-day trial period, in which the scanner can be returned for a full refund.

FREE Fast Shipment

FREE UPS Ground shipments with coupon code FREESHIP used at checkout. Same Day Shipment for orders placed before 12pm EST. Note UPS Ground is 1 Day delivery within 150 miles of our office. See UPS coverage map.

Legacy Products

TokenWorks is constantly innovating and developing new products, features and capabilities. As new generations of our products are introduced, older technologies cannot deliver the same functionality and performance as more advanced innovations. However, because TokenWorks equipment is designed for long-term durability, many older platforms continue to be available for customers that specifically need them.

To review our previous-generation products, a few of each of which we have in inventory and available for sale, please visit our previous-generation products page.

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