Chargeback ID Scanner

Prevent and catch chargeback fraud by keeping perfect customer records with a chargeback ID scanner. Scan & record driver license data, capture customer photos, record date/time stamps for every scans, and more.

IDentiFake – Stop Fake IDs and Chargebacks


The perfect ID scanner for stopping chargebacks. Stop fake IDs, build customer relationships, and auto-populate multiple forms with IDentiFake.

Unfortunately, chargeback fraud does happen and it can be very difficult to fight back against if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Luckily, with IDentiFake by TokenWorks you can track down who committed the chargeback at your business and report them properly.

By scanning every customer driver license that you come into contact with, not only are you sniffing out fake IDs, as IDentiFake performs over 50 forensic checks against a document library of authentic documents, but you’re also creating a concise and secure database of all scanned IDs. By doing this, you’re stopping fraud before a transaction is even made.

If a chargeback occurs, you can match the date and time the transaction was made to the same date and time their ID was scanned into IDentiFake. In seconds, pull up their driver license information and easily export it to send to proper authorities.

ID Scanner performing multiple forensic checks to prevent chargebacks GIF

Fake ID Detection - Stop Theft Before It Starts!

Chances are that if a thief is already planning to commit chargeback fraud at your business, they might provide fake documentation as well. Detect fake IDs before you even make the transaction!

CRM database for gun shops

Customer Management Database

Manage all of your customers with ease. Keep track of customer visits, verify age, record driver license data, and record data/time IDs are scanned.

Discovered that somone committed fraud at your business? Match the timestamped scanned ID with the credit card process and find out exactly who it was along with having the proof that they were at your business at the time the transaction happened.

Watch the video below to learn more about IDentiFake.

Chargeback ID Scanner

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Chargeback ID Scanner

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