Customer Management

Manage customer data with ease using ID scanners by TokenWorks.

Keep track of how many times a client visits your business.

Capture email/phone information, confirming that clients have opted in to marketing campaigns.

Keep track of custom tags for each client, like VIP or Banned.

tag customers with id scanner

Detailed CRM with handheld or stationary ID scanners.

Every ID scanned is added to the customer database as a new entry. Capture data such as:


  • Driver’s license information: name, address, DOB, expiration, etc.
  • Visit count: how many times client has been scanned.
  • Photos: two (2) photos per customer, such as close-up of face and front of ID.
  • Tag: Custom tag for clients, such as Banned, VIP, Staff, Member, etc.
  • Total scan count: Counter for every time an ID is scanned; great for tracking venue occupancy.
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Keep a proper customer relationship management or CRM system for your bar, club, casino, or any business with our ID scanners. If you need to find out when a customer entered your business, look up their name in the database and pull up their customer profile. From here you can see when they were scaned, how many times they’ve visited, and have the ability to tag them if necessary.

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IDVisor Sentry

Customer Relations Management System

Sentry is a Windows-based CRM system with age verification and membership management. When a customer’s ID is scanned for the first time, an account is automatically created using the data contained in the ID.

The system then calculates the age of the customer, verifies that the ID has not expired and automatically captures front and back images of the ID (CR5400 only). Membership tags can then be applied to the customer’s account with custom expiration dates.

The system is also capable of automatically filling out any existing external forms in one step, eliminating time consuming manual entry and human errors.

  • Reads Magnetic Stripes and 2D Bar Codes  Licenses from all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and US Military IDs.
  • Age Verification – Customer’s age is calculated automatically. Warnings display for underage customers.
  • Data Capture – All scanned ID’s are automatically saved directly on the PC.
  • Image Capture – Captures Front and Back Images of Driver’s License. (CR5400 Scanner Only)
  • Membership – Easily manage customer memberships with custom membership expiration dates.
  • Banned List/Tagging System – Mark customers with custom tags such as Banned, VIP, Member, Owes Money, etc.
  • Anti-Passback – Detects IDs which have been re-scanned. Helps prevent customers from entering with shared IDs.
  • Date/Time Stamped Transactions  Allows for synchronization with Video surveillance.
  • Network Ready – Synchronize data among multiple systems with IDVisor Sync. (Learn More)

Additional Features:

  • Capture Cardholder Image – Use any PC webcam to capture images of the client.
  • Email & Telephone Capture – Manually capture customer contact information.
  • Customer Visit counter  Identify New vs Loyal Repeat Customers.
  • Adjustable Scan Counter – Track Total Scans for Attendance/Occupancy.
  • Automatic Form Filling – Automatically fill any existing form or application such as Adobe PDF, Excel/Word, Web Forms, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Create and Fill Custom Forms – Generate and save custom form templates.
  • Badge Printer – With optional Dymo printer – prints Visitor Badges.

Link and sync all of your scanners via the cloud.

For casinos with multiple entrances and scanners we recommend that you upgrade to IDVisor Sync, our  cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database.

If someone enters through the front of the establishment, has their ID scanned, and then tries to hand off their ID to an underage customer in the back entrance, the ID scanner at the back entrance will receive the Anti-Passback alert since it was previously scanned in another part of the building.

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ID scanners for Customer Management:

  • Home-Screen-With-Data-1024

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

  • agevisor touch stationary id scanner with data on screen

    AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

  • IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus forensic ID scanners for fake ID detection

    IDentiFake® System

  • Sale! Smart Plus ID Scanner with IDs and Passports

    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

    Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $895.00.
  • M280-Front-1024×1024-copy-scaled

    IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

  • Sale! IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

    Original price was: $895.00.Current price is: $695.00.
  • agevisor contactless in contactless zero contact set-up to help stop the spread of coronavirus

    AgeVisor Contactless ID Scanner

  • IDVisor S50 id scanner with IDStand

    IDVisor® S50 with IDStand™ Bundle

  • IDVisor S50 Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

    IDVisor® S50

  • Sale! AgeVisor 2 – Scanning ID

    AgeVisor™ 2

    Original price was: $895.00.Current price is: $795.00.

Explore the rest of our features.

Our ID scanners offers a wide range of solutions in addition to age verification, fake ID detection, and automatic data entry.

Give us a call at 914-704-3100 or click the Contact Us button below to schedule a consultation with a member of our sales team.

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