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We develop the most advanced ID Scanners for casinos and ID Validation solutions for fake ID detection.

We’ve been developing ID verification products and systems since 2002. We have one of the most advanced and sought after ID verification technology packages available, built on the best ID Scanners for Casinos in the industry. No matter the size or complexity of your organization, from TokenWorks has a solution that we will customize for your unique individual business needs.

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Why Effective Customer Age Validation Is Essential For Casinos

Age verification to prevent underage sales and/or access is a critical component in any industry that provides age restricted goods or services. As one of the most regulated consumer business categories, the casino industry is regulated with some unique requirements. Regulators and law enforcement authorities today are watching more closely and cracking down harder (including sting operations) on all businesses that provide age-restricted products (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) and/or services (betting, gambling, etc.). The risks to the casino industry for non-compliance can be particularly expensive.  Fines can run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for allowing underage access to game floors or gambling. The prevalence of fake driver licenses and ID cards (easily and inexpensively purchased from sophisticated counterfeit ID makers in China) among late teens and 20 year olds is only adding to these challenges.

Casino’s Unique Requirements

Deploying the best ID scanners is an important part of any casino’s operations. Casinos’ typically large size, multiple entrances, areas and floor access points, 24/7 operation, peak operating days/dates/times, on-premise bars/restaurants, 18/21 age state laws and a diverse visitor base makes preventing underage or banned visitors from unauthorized access especially challenging. Security personnel, management, bartenders, servers, cashiers and tellers may have different requirements for verifying age and/or making sure the identification document presented is authentic. Simple visual inspection of IDs or manually comparing suspect ones to a guide book is no longer a realistic option, especially from law enforcement’s perspective.

Bartender mixing alcoholic drink in casino

Integrating The Right Age Validation Solution Into Your Casino Operations

“High risk” locations in casinos, such as entrance podiums and cashier windows may need a solution that goes beyond scanning a driver license or other form of ID to verify the person is of age. These locations may also require the ability to electronically verify the ID is not a fake or modified. Mobile security personnel need mobile ID scanners for casinos that they can carry, as may cocktail servers. Bartenders need a stationary ID scanner that is quick and easy to access/use. Security management needs networked ID scanner tools for monitoring and control. Finally, all of these pieces must work together as one integrated solution while being modular in nature to allow you to start with one piece and expand as needed.

Age Verification

Three IDVisor Smart V2 age verification ID scanners

Fake ID Detection

IDentiFake and IDentiFake Plus fake ID detection scanners

Introducing the TokenWorks Casino Solutions Package

TokenWorks has twenty years of experience providing age verification and document authenticity solutions to tens of thousands of businesses that provide age restricted products and services, including bars and nightclubs, casinos, convenience and grocery stores, dispensaries, hotels, liquor stores, pharmacies, rental agencies, restaurants, sporting and entertainment facilities. TokenWorks’ newest age validation and document authenticity suite of offerings takes into account the distinct requirements of the casino industry, while still being easily customizable to each individual property. The integrated nature of our scalable solutions combined with our experience tying all the pieces together make us a reliable partner for your age verification and document authenticity needs.

ID Scanners for Casinos

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