Now sitting safely back on the lot, a white 2015 Mercedes was taken for a ride Monday night when a male and female strolled into the Crescent Automotive car dealership Monday evening and presented a fake ID to test drive vehicles. The couple also said that they had a cashier’s check and money ready to make a purchase. 

A representative of the dealership says the Mercedes was not returned when the dealership closed at 7 so they called the police and posted about the incident on Facebook which helped the car get found quickly. They added that the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office recovered the vehicle quickly and that the dealership owes them a thank you, saying this wasn’t the first time someone who wanted to test drive a vehicle did not return the vehicle. 

“We have had an experience like this before about 3 years ago a very similar incident happened. Luckily we were able to recover both vehicles both times and the spokesperson also says the car in which the couple drove to Crescent Automotive was stolen as well.


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