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Drivers License News

New Tennessee Driver’s License for Minors Deters Underage Drinking

Tennessee has issued a new driver’s license for vehicle operators under the age of 21 that will be oriented vertically instead of the horizontal orientation that drivers of legal drinking age currently carry, in an effort to combat underage drinking. The new cards will replace the old cards by July 2018, and licenses of current…

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New Enhanced Arkansas Driver’s License Design Coming October 3

Arkansas drivers and state ID-holders will be getting a security upgrade starting October 3rd as Arkansas rolls out a new REAL ID-compliant driver’s license design. The government-issued initiative will not only protect state residents’ identities but will also be a required security checkpoint when checking in at commercial passenger flights and various federal buildings in…

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New Massachusetts License Design Improves Security Features for Drivers

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) revealed a new Massachusetts driver’s license and Mass ID design on July 26. The new Massachusetts driver’s license design is so secure that it places Massachusetts among the top states in the country for ID card security, and is set to roll out to new and existing license-holders…

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New Utah Driver’s License Design Contains Added Security Features

In an effort to better protect the identities of its mobile citizens, Utah is taking a new security initiative at the Department of Public Safety – Driver License Division this summer. The Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division began issuing newly designed driver license and identification cards in June, with a roll-out plan…

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New Illinois Driver’s License To Feature Portrait of Lincoln

IL Secure Driver License

Last week, the state of Illinois released a newly designed driver’s license and identification (ID) card. Although not completely compliant with the federal REAL ID act, the new design does boast a number of upgraded security features that were added to reduce potential identity theft and unlawful license duplication. The new card design includes: Detailed…

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