Police: Unemployed man arrested using fake ID, checks to buy $135,000 BMW

According to ABC News, a Baltimore man could have driven away in a $135,000 BMW 750 if not for a savvy car dealership employee who detected a pile of fraudulent documents, court records detail.

Deonte Dickens, 33, of Baltimore, is charged with seven criminal counts in the felony case, including attempted theft valued at more than $100,000. It’s an alleged crime that could send Dickens to prison for up to 88 years.

Around 3:50 p.m. on June 22, Dickens entered the BMW dealership at 3211 Automobile Boulevard in Silver Spring, MD, and stated his intent to purchase a 2022 BMW 750 for a price of $135,523.

Dickens provided dealership staff with a treasure trove of fraudulent documents including a California driver’s license, four M&T Bank checks, a credit report, and an insurance card, police allege.

The dealership’s sales director promptly called 911. As patrol units pulled up, Dickens was seen walking away from the building. He stopped to speak with officers and was quite candid.

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