Drivers License Updates

Cannabis Dispensary Surprised by Number of Fake IDs Uncovered

A Colorado-based cannabis dispensary chain was shocked by the number of fake IDs uncovered in a trial-run of a forensic ID scanner in one of the stores. “We had always assumed there were some fake IDs, but had no idea how prevalent it was”, said the chain owner who...

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Missouri to begin issuing driver’s license with new design

On June 22nd, the Missouri Department of Revenue will begin issuing driver's licenses with a new design. Some changes include designated header colors for different types of licenses, ghost images, and an updated laser perforation in the shape of a dogwood blossom....

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Texas DPS Unveils New Design for Driver Licenses

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently unveiled their newest designs for their driver licenses, identification cards, and license to card cards, which feature a new look as well as enhanced security features. The new designs started rolling out on February...

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Wyoming Begins Issuing New Driver Licenses

Recently, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has started issuing new driver licenses with enhanced security features and continues to be REAL ID compliant. These new iterations of their driver licenses and ID cards will be much more secure and harder to...

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Oregon to Lose Change-of-Address Stickers

As of January 1st, 2020, Oregon drivers will no longer be required to apply a sticker on their driver license when they change addresses. Usually, the Oregon DMV mails you a sticker to place on your driver license after you've moved. These stickers weren't very...

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California DMV Selling Drivers License Information

This year, the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) made a whopping $50,000,000 selling California drivers license information. This includes all basic information such as name, address, and car registration. California has about 27,000,000 driver licenses...

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