Idaho’s new driver’s license and ID card are here

BOISE— Idaho has a new driver’s license design. The Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) launched the new cards today. All new cards, renewals, and replacements will have the new design.

“The new license showcases some of Idaho’s best features,” said DMV administrator Lisa McClellan. “Idaho’s state bird, the mountain bluebird, is featured prominently. Idahoans will also notice the Sawtooth Mountains and the Idaho Statehouse.”

The Idaho DMV is releasing a new card to keep up with evolving technology and prevent counterfeiters. It is standard practice to update license designs and security features periodically. The last time Idaho changed its license was in 2016.

Licenses with the old design will remain valid until the expiration date that is printed on the card. You don’t need to do anything until it is time to renew your license. Then you can renew online, if eligible, at or at a local DMV. The fee you pay for a license will not change when the new design goes live.

The new design will appear not just on driver’s licenses but on other state-issued cards as well, including identification cards, instruction permits, and concealed weapons cards. For more information, check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” on our website. is a one-stop-shop for everything DMV. There are over a dozen transactions that can be completed online, everything from a change of address to registration and driver’s license renewals. Skip the Trip, save time, and go online to

Find the original Idaho DMV announcement HERE

If original link is no longer active, a PDF version can be found HERE

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