New look: DMV unveils new driver’s license design

The Nevada DMV unveiled a new look Friday for driver’s licenses.(Nevada DMV)

By Audrey Owsley

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 1:50 PM EDT

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) – Your next Nevada driver’s license or ID card will have a new look.

The DMV on Friday unveiled its new design with updated security features. It’s the first new look since 2008, with the DMV making changes to it in 2014.

It was designed by a committee of DMV experts working closely with the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies, the DMV said.

Nevada’s “Battle Born” insignia is featured on the front of the license with the year of Nevada statehood, 1864.

The design team incorporated two Nevada skylines. The front of the card features the Las Vegas skyline while the back of the card displays Carson City, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Playa in the Black Rock Desert.

The federal Real ID marker has also been changed from a gold circle to the outline of Nevada.

“Our new licenses and ID cards are sleek and modern but still pay homage to Nevada’s heritage. They also have enhanced security features that help protect Nevadans against identity theft and aid our law enforcement agencies,” said DMV Director Julie Butler.

The new design rolls out at the Reno DMV on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

The new design will be phased in at each of the 18 DMV offices across the state as the camera equipment at each location is upgraded.

DMV Online Services will convert to the new cards no later than August 1. All DMV offices will be issuing the new card by September 1. All cards will continue to be mailed to customers.

The new card’s increased security features include:

  • A laser engraved ghost image repeated from the photograph
  • A laser ablation or etching of the card holder’s initials and year of birth over the top of the driver photograph
  • The holder’s date of birth is restated in larger type with a raised feel
  • The background features a guilloche security design with waves and patterns printed in very fine lines that are not able to be scanned or easily reproduced
  • High resolution, “split fountain” printing in which the background colors fade from blue to green and back to blue across the face of the card

Existing licenses and ID cards will remain valid until expiration. Customers will receive the new design at renewal or another license transaction such as a name or address change.

“It is important to note that documents with the old design will remain valid and in circulation until 2029,” Butler said. “Those who have a card with the previous design will still be able to use it for all its intended purposes until it reaches its expiration date.”

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