Additional tips when checking IDs using human engineering.  This post is a follow up to one done last year on how to check IDs

Tip 1 When at the front door, if you suspect somebody in line is underage, listen to their friends and what name they use when talking to them.  Underage patrons will often memorize the details of their borrowed or fake ID, but while in line, their friends will use their real name.

Tip 2 When they present their ID, ask their friends for their name.  Often friends will only know their real name.   Say some thing like “Are you four together?”  If they say yes, then ask one of them – “Whats his/her name?”  If they use a name different from the ID, they are busted!

Tip 3 – This one works better if somebody has had a few drinks – ask them what the W in their middle initial is for.  Most of the time, they will give their real middle name, and if the ID has a different middle initial, they are busted.

Tip 4  –  This is a great way to catch somebody using a ‘borrowed’ ID.  Ask them to sign their name.  They will almost never be able to sign like the real cardholders signature.

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