Visit Count

The Visit Count, shown on the main screen, tells the operator how many times a client has visited the business. This gives the operator valuable information like this is a new client, so introduce them to the business OR a frequent visitor who should be rewarded by not waiting in line and who perhaps is less of a security risk.

Export the list of customers for easy reference

Great for rewarding frequent & loyal customers

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Keep visit count at your liquor store, convenience store, retail store, or dispensary and reward loyal customers that do business with you frequently. Their experience will be unique and special, which will encourage them to continue coming to your store.

If it’s a new customer, introduce them to your business and products in order to make them feel welcome.

Link and sync all of your scanners to consolidate visit counts.

For casinos with multiple entrances and scanners we recommend that you upgrade to IDVisor Sync, our  cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database.

All scans from all ID scanners are consolidated into IDVisor Sync, enabling your staff know how many times a customer visits your business if they frequently use different entrances to the premises.

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