Receive Anti-Passback alerts whenever a driver license is scanned more than once within a specific timeframe.

Audible and easy-to-read alert when a passed back ID is scanned.

Completely customizable timeframe for Anti-Passback. IDs scanned reset after each timeframe.

Prevent underage patrons from using someone else's ID easily.

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Receive a warning when an ID is shared.

The Anti-Passback software detects when an ID is re-scanned in the same evening. Useful for bars, clubs, and casinos where patrons could share IDs with underage or banned patrons. It’s also great for stadium events or conventions where individuals might share wristbands

It can be used several ways:

  • at the front door to detect licenses which are ‘Passed-Back’ to others
  • confirm returning patrons have already paid cover charge
  • at the bar to identify individuals who are consuming too much
  • helps detect fake IDs which have the same ‘cloned’ data stripe
  • can detect duplicate IDs when somebody has “loaned” a duplicate ID to a younger friend / sibling
  • detect if a wrist band was already issued to an individual.
  • at events, you can detect if a free sample has already been given to an attendee.

Some clubs use the ID Pass-Back detection to ensure wrist bands or ink stamps have not been transferred from existing customers. If a customer’s ID was scanned when they first entered and were wrist banded or stamped, then when they leave & return, an ‘ID Pass-Back’ alarm should be generated when the ID is rescanned.

Passback threshold can be set from 1 hour up to 168 hours (7 days). Some applications require same evening passback detection while others want detection in the last 7 days.

Multiple passback events with date/time are displayed. This permits operators to allow multiple serves. For example, a stadium has a four beer limit – each time a client is served, their ID is scanned and this provides a count for the number of serves.


Link and sync all of your scanners to consolidate Anti-Passback alerts.

For casinos with multiple entrances and scanners we recommend that you upgrade to IDVisor Sync, our  cloud-based networking subscription.

Sync collects real-time data from networked scanners into an SQL database.

If someone enters through the front of the establishment, has their ID scanned, and then tries to hand off their ID to an underage customer in the back entrance, the ID scanner at the back entrance will receive the Anti-Passback alert since it was previously scanned in another part of the building.

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ID scanners with Anti-Passback:

  • Home-Screen-With-Data-1024

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

  • agevisor touch stationary id scanner with data on screen

    AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

  • IDentiFake & IDentiFake Plus forensic ID scanners for fake ID detection

    IDentiFake® System

  • Sale! Smart Plus ID Scanner with IDs and Passports

    IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

  • M280-Front-1024×1024-copy-scaled

    IDVisor Sentry – Customer Management System

  • Sale! IDVisor Smart V2 handheld ID scanner 1080x1080

    IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

  • Sale! agevisor contactless in contactless zero contact set-up to help stop the spread of coronavirus

    AgeVisor Contactless ID Scanner

  • IDVisor S50 id scanner with IDStand

    IDVisor® S50 with IDStand™ Bundle

  • IDVisor S50 Mobile Age Verification ID Scanner

    IDVisor® S50

  • Sale! AgeVisor 2 – Scanning ID

    AgeVisor™ 2


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