Our packaging just got a little bit more exciting. We’re happy to announce our new sticker to be included with all orders for any product, featuring the phrase “We Care We Scan”.

After several iterations, we love the design of the sticker and we think you will too. The design is a transparent square sticker featuring an a yellow circle behind an ID card with the new phrase, plus it asks customers to “be prepared to show ID”. It also features the IDScanner.com and TokenWorks, Inc. branding on the bottom.

The sticker’s job is to allow customers to know in advance that your business scans IDs and that they should have it ready by the time they reach the point-of-sale or security checkpoint. It’s a great companion to our AgeVisor Touch or IDVisor Smart V2 ID scanner, as it lets customers know you’re using a TokenWorks ID scanner to verify age for your business.

We invite all customers to use the sticker in their business. For convenience stores, bars, liquor stores, etc., you can stick it on the register or a nearby surface/window for easy visibility. Or you save the sticker without peeling the backing and pin it up as well.

There is no better way to let customers feel at ease when scanning their ID at your business by displaying this sticker for them to see. Let them know that We Care We Scan with our new sticker!


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