ID Scanner required and paid for by Government

ID Scanners to detect banned drinkers will be installed in liquor stores as part of the Enough is Enough reforms to address  alcohol-related crime and violence.

Delia Lawrie who is Treasury, said $3.2 million to install the Banned Drinker ID scanners and another $1.5 million for police to implement the program.

The Enough is Enough program was justified on the following fact; Alcohol is involved in 60% of all assaults and 67% of domestic violence event.  Its estimated to cost the local economy $642 million a year.

The Enough is Enough program is designed to cut off or ban problem drinkers and mandate treatment in hopes of reducing violence.

By banning problem drinkers and using an ID Scanner to check the banned list , problem drinkers will not be able to procure drinks in other communities.

The system will use an ID Scanner to check drivers license, age card or passport at the point of sale.  The system does not record the information, simple checks against the banned list.

A person can be deemed a Problem Drinker if taken into protective custody 3 times in 3 months or people who commit alcohol related crime or violent offenses.  A person’s banned time can be reduced by attending treatment or rehabilitation.  For those caught in violation of the banned, additional banned time will be imposed and/or mandatory treatment and rehabilitation.

The program went live in Northwest Territory of Australia in April 2011.  Some wonder how effective it will be given that banned individuals can ask non-banned drinkers to purchase booze on their behalf, much like minors do today.

Initially, there were no plans to install ID Scanners at Clubs because these venues have security and other tools in place to manage patrons.  However in May 2011, 3 exceptions to the no ID Scanner in bars policy had been made for certain “animal bars” in Alice Springs.



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