TokenWorks® Announces IDVisor® TouchMobile ID Scanner for Clubs

May 2011 – The IDVisor® Touch Mobile ID Scanner is a ruggedized portable ID scanner for clubs, bars,  nightclubs or member clubs that need a system to manage  customer relationships and check patron’s age.

After almost two years of development and building the IDVisor Z22 product line, the IDVisor Touch combines a host of industry first features such as:

  • Visit counter for each customer (this tells the operator how many times a client has been to the club),
  • Email and phone capture (using a finger keyboard on the scanner),
  • Custom tagging with notes (Ban or VIP customers after a scan or after searching for them in the database and include a note),
  • User defined tags and expiration dates (create a tag like – SixMonthBan with an expiration date 12/1/2011),
  • Search feature allows finding and updating tag information, email and phone number.
  • Easy Export of scan data or customer data to Excel on a MAC or PC with NO desktop software.  See the video showing how easy it is on a MAC – its the same for a PC.
  • Configurable Audible alarms – talking female/male voice, computer generated sounds or vibrating for under age, expired ID, unrecognized card, valid format, birthday, scan/swipe again, id tagged and ID Rescanned.
  • User configurable scan data deletion after 1, 7, 30 or unlimited number of days.  Scan will accumulate to 65,000 scans before deleting oldest.
  • Fast Throughput – Scans take less than a second to complete.
  • Video Tutorials built into the ID Scanner
  • PIN Security controls existing the application, access to data and access to configuration parameters.   For example, the vip/banned feature can be totally turned off or just the editing of vip/banned tags.  This ensures the bouncer can’t reconfigure or access sensitive data.
  • Detects Duplicate ID scans – helps detect shared IDs which are the most common form of IDs used by minors – i.e. their older siblings ID or a friend’s ID.
  • Intuitive alcohol and tobacco “OK/Not OK” icons, talking alerts, and vibrates for simple operation.
  • Quickly reads and records IDs from all 50 US States*, Canada and Military IDs.
  • Ruggedized design can withstand a 3 foot drop onto a concrete floor.

Existing Customer may upgrade from the IDVisor Z22 Mobile ID Scanner and receive a $700 credit towards the purchase price of a new IDVisor Touch ID Scanner.

Just plug in and swipe a license to begin verifying age and building customer relationships.  We designed this ID Checker to be the perfect ID Scanner for Clubs


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