Important ID Scanner Checking Techniques

ID Scanners are important tools to detect fake IDs but the most important part of the process is the person checking the ID.  An ID Scanner automatically calculates the age (which is the leading cause of tickets for serving minors) and it documents the process, but can’t, by itself stop the most common fake ID in the hands of minors which are borrowed or duplicate IDs.

When checking IDs, look at the photo and the person presenting it.  If your not comfortable with the comparison, then ask for another form of ID, such as a college ID or credit card.  Watch the body language of the person as they search for the other ID.  Look for shifts in posture, facial expressions, and other ‘tells’.  If it appears the person is trying to cover up the fact that its not their ID, refuse service/entry.

Another technique to detect underage patrons is to make them sign their name, driver’s license number, and date of birth in a ledger.  By watching body language, one can see if someone is nervous, plus it a good sobriety test.

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So when using an ID Scanner, remember that its an important tool, but that you are key to checking IDs.


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