We’ve been working on an iOS database solution for our IDWedgeBT product and below is a short video of the new iVerifier software.   It has many new features including taking pictures, bar / club statistics,  and manual entry which works for passports and other IDs which don’t have barcodes or magnetic stripes.

Some of the benefits of the iVerifier / IDWedgeBT solution

  • IDWedgeBT works with iPods, iPhones and iPads – no need to purchase a clip on scanner which only works with one version of the iPod or iPhone.
  • Built in reporting – no need to upload your data to a 3rd party to get reports – or pay a monthly fee.
  • Takes pictures of the patron and/or the ID
  • Manual Entry for Passports / Voter Registration Cards / Foreign Drivers Licenses – manually enter last name, date of birth and then take pictures of the ID.
  • Manager and Security Users – Prevents unauthorized changes to database and/or emailing of customer data.  Some ID Scanner Apps let anybody email client data to anybody.
  • No Internet or 3rd party subscription – its your data – you manage it

We are looking for existing Tokenwork clients interested in Beta testing the software.  If you’ve purchased for us before, please give us a call at 800 574 5034.


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