TokenWorks® Provides ID Scanners for Estimated 20,000 Attendees at ‘Celebration of the Suds’ Beer Festival.

Bronxville, NY – March 21, 2011 – TokenWorks Inc. will provide ID scanners for the 2011 Atlantic City Beer Festival taking place at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on April 1 and 2, 2011. TokenWorks card readers will be used at all event entrances to quickly verify and document the age of all event attendees. The ID readers boast a technologically advanced, handheld, portable and rugged design that makes them ideal for large conferences where rapid ID checking is needed in multiple locations.

Attendees to the event must be 21 years old with valid ID to attend. ID card scanners comprise a vital part of Beer Festival’s security program. Atlantic City Beer Festival Planner Anthony “Bert” Bertino says of TokenWorks, “Your ID checkers allow us to capture vital information concerning clients who are attending the event. The ID checkers are part of an aggressive identification verification process, to insure that no under-age patrons are admitted to the event.” Accurately verifying age is a legal necessity for any operation or business that sells age-regulated products. With the proliferation of underage drinking and fake IDs, advanced ID scanning technology is necessary to protect the safety of patrons and businesses. “It only takes one yahoo,” ID scanner specialist and security expert specialist Thad Tinkelbaum states, “to cause an accident or to cause a business to jeopardize its liquor license.”

TokenWorks provides robust and flexible ID checker solutions for many large events and has provided ID readers for the Atlantic City Beer Festival since 2009. “This is the third year for us utilizing these scanners, which allow us to quickly ID check and capture 20,000 customers for the event,” states Mr. Bertino. TokenWorks President Charles Cagliostro commented, “We are excited to provide ID readers to the ‘Celebration of the Suds’ event. Our IDVisor Z22 Mobile unit’s fast throughput, long lasting battery, rugged design and large memory capacity make it perfect for large events or organizations. We have best price/performance ID scanner, bar none.”

A Drivers license scanner enables event staff to quickly check the age of each attendee before they are allowed to visit the show floor. An event staff person swipes or dips an ID card through the ID reader, and the attendee’s age is instantly displayed on the screen. The card scanners are easy to use and allow event managers to rest assured that staff is properly checking each ID. Mr. Bertino praises the foolproof operation of the scanners: “The ease of use, by employees who are unaware of this type of technology, solves a major training issue.”

TokenWorks ID readers are widely used at convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, and nightclubs across the United States and Canada. Their handheld ID checkers can read drivers’ licenses from all US States and Canadian provinces, as well as military IDs and state ID cards. The company’s reputation for reliable, simple operation and durable hardware has made them the leading provider of ID card reading solutions throughout the United States.

About Celebration of Suds

The Atlantic City Beer Festival, better known as the ‘Celebration of the Suds,’ will showcase 750 beers from over 90 individual breweries, including Dog Fish Head, Brooklyn Brewery and Magic Hat. The festival has quickly grown throughout its six-year history to become Atlantic City’s most anticipated event. The ‘Celebration of the Suds’ is expected to attract 20,000 attendees over a two-day period. Approximately 1,500 vendors will offer great food and retail items, and live music and guest speakers will provide a thrilling experience for event attendees. The festival aims to bring together beer lovers of all kinds, from aficionados to casual drinkers, to meet with brewers and discover new brews. Learn more about the beer festival at

About TokenWorks

Founded in 1998, TokenWorks provides a full-range of magnetic stripe and barcode ID card scanners for age verification and lead capture. TokenWorks is located in Bronxville, New York and sells across the United States and Canada. Visit to learn more or buy online. 1-800-574-5034 / [email protected]

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