Our IDentiFake System + Passports comes with a Duplex Multi-Color Scanner and Full Page Passport Reader. With our installed IDentiFake software, we can also include a convenient Microsoft Surface Pro to complete the entire package. However, some of our customers have opted out of the Surface in favor of their own devices. A really great example of this are the folks over at Dirty Bull Tavern in Woodland Hills, California, using a laptop instead.


As you can see, they’ve installed our IDentiFake software on their laptop with both the Duplex Multi-Color Scanner and Full Page Passport Reader plugged in. They’ve housed the unit in a very private workstation, making this very user-friendly and discreet.


We encourage you guys to send in pictures of your setups if you’ve done any sort of customization of your own! We’d love to share the photos and inspire others. Interested in purchasing the IDentiFake system for your age-restricted business? Call us at (914) 704-3100 for a free consultation.

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