Utah Law ID Scanner Requirements

The Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control does not provide a list of approved ID Scanners or electronic age verification devices. Below is a summary of the requirements. The most unique aspect of Utah’s new law is the requirement that data be deleted in seven (7) days or 168 hours. This section of the law appears to be a compromise between privacy concerns and the needs of merchants/law enforcement. The exact rule may be http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r081/r081-05.htm#T16 and is summarized below.

● An electronic age verification device:
a) must contain the technology to read a magnetic stripe and a two dimensional (“2d”) stack symbology (bar code), or an alternate technology capable of electronically verifying the proof of age; and
b) shall be capable of reading a valid state issued driver’s license, a valid state issued identification card, a valid military identification card, or a valid passport;
c) shall have a screen that displays no more than a person’s name, age, ID number, birth date, gender, ID status & expiration date; and
d) shall have the capability of electronically storing the name, age, ID number, birth date, gender, ID status & expiration date for seven days (168 hours) including the time and date the proof of age was scanned.
● If the proof of age cannot be scanned electronically, an alternative method of verifying an individual’s proof of age shall include a record or log showing the type, number, and expiration date of the ID; the date the ID was presented, the individual’s name and date of birth.
● Any data collected either electronically or otherwise, may only be used for the purpose of verifying an individual’s proof of age and may not be retained by the licensee in a data base for mailing, advertising, or promotional activity, to acquire personal information to make inappropriate personal contact with the individual, and shall be retained for a period of seven days from the date on which it was acquired, after which it must be deleted. The data collected may be acquired by law enforcement, or other investigative agencies.

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