Pennsylvania Drivers License adds high tech Hologram

PA has added a new black and white hologram (most Holograms are multicolored – this one is black and white).  The hologram has the letters “PA” inside the Keystone symbol surrounded by a circle with some unique features.

The new security feature has two new holograms over both photos on the drivers license or ID card.  Unlike normal Holograms which are rainbow colored, this one is black and white AND if you rotate the card 90 degrees, the black becomes white and the whit becomes black.

To check this new Hologram do the following.

  • Ensure it it black and white – no colors or rainbow effect should be present.
  • Rotate the card 90 degrees (right or left), the black should become white and white become black.
  • If using a flashlight, hold it at a 30 to 60 degree angle to the card surface and the Hologram should appear.  Now rotate card or the flashlight by 90 degree and watch the black become white and white become black.
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