The price of an ID scanner varies, depending on the type of scanner, quality, and what you expect it to do.

ID scanner apps range from free to about $25 a month. For these, you’ll need an Apple or Android device to download them to. These aren’t the most reliable, given the fact that they simply take a photo of the ID and briefly analyze it from there.

An ID scanner that exclusively scans magnetic stripes costs about $400. These are a bit limited, as many states no longer use magnetic stripes for their IDs. ID scanners that read barcodes can cost anywhere from $700 to $1200. These scanners are usually either dedicated pieces of hardware or sled attachments for iPhones or Android phones.

If you’re looking to detect fake IDs, you’ll need a forensic ID scanner. These top-of-the-line scanners can cost anywhere form $2500 to $5000.

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